Here is a little insight of Aphelia in their own words ::
At Aphelia we treat the issue of skin care with the upmost importance and indeed, for those who are looking to purchase skincare items online, we consider ourselves to be the ultimate choice. From wonderfully luxurious beauty regimes to wrinkle reduction serums and purifying cleansers, our all encompassing range of herbal formulations is sure to have a broad range of appeal, especially amongst those who want to retain their youthful good looks!
The founder of Aphelia is DR Lai, he ventured into Traditional Chinese medicine when he had health issues with his son and western medical practices and drug couldn’t help him. So Dr Lai met with a well-known practitioner of TCM and created a resolution for his sons health issues.

Aphelia use natural traditional ingredients like:
Panax Ginseng which was used traditionally to slpw the aging process ( have you noticed that most people of Asian decent age really really well!!)
Chrysanthemum a dried flower that contains essential oils and vitamins.
Lyciu, barbarum that is just a complicated word for GOJI BERRY.
Schizandra Sphenanthera Fruit Extract which is a spring time berry and is known for its energizing powers.
Glycyrrhizae an extract of the dried roots and rhizome of licorice. It is known for its skin lightening properties.
Paenonia this is a pretty flower and plays an important role in traditional Chinese medicine. Peony is highly desirable for its potent dermal antioxidant prowess.
Laminaria digitata again another scientific word for seal kelp. Known in TCM for binding moisture and drawing it closer the skin with soothing replumping and detoxification effects.

My initial thought when receiving this package for review, is the care taken to get it to me in one piece. Then after opening the pack I fell in love with the packing. It is really keeping in theme with Traditional Chinese Medicine, and taking you back to the old days. All products I received came in a green box with gold writing. On one side it had the words ‘ the origin of beauty’ and on the other side the Chinese writing for this.  And this phrase suits this brand perfectly, of all the Chinese decent people I have met, not once have I been able to pick their age correctly. They all look amazing for their age and their skin just glows.

The first product I used was the Peony eye cream. As stated above in the ingredients, Peony is highly desirable for its potent dermal antioxidant prowess... This cream is pretty much a wonder cream. It is an anti aging cream based on a herbal formula. It contains 9 powerful oriental extracts so this is your Traditional Chinese Medicine queen. I have used this a couple of times, but I am not a big fan of focusing on my eyes. I actually get quite lazy; it should be something I do often as I go all out on the eye makeup daily. So I will be turning to this product more from now on.

You can get this for AUD $69.00.


Face Cleanser and Purifier
AUD $39.00
Aphelia Classic Cleanser with herbal botanical beauty oils provides nourishment and invigoration paired with simplicity. Imagine cleansing and removing makeup so gentle leaving soft refined skin.  Botanical beauty oils that beautify skin remove makeup and cleanse with no residue

Then there is the Purifying Classic Skin purifier and cleanser. I think this is my favourite facial cleanser so far.; although it’s a close one as I have used some amazing products.  But this literally leaves my skin glowing and looking like I have just had a facial done. It really does dig into them pore gently and remove the dirt and built up gunk!! This product lives on my bathroom bench for daily use.
It helps hydrate the skin, so if I really wanted to I wouldn’t even need to use a moisturiser, but I still like to just in case!! There is nothing worse then trying to pop foundation on with a dry face.  But I think the classic cleanser doesn’t dry your skin out because it is an oil base.

The Fusion Dark Circle treatment is meant to reduce the dark circles around your eyes and leave them looking good. I have been using this product for the last 3 days and haven’t noticed anything, but I would say you have to give this one time to work the magic on them eyes. I don’t actually blame this for not working; my eyes are getting darker and darker from the lack of sleep. I will keep you posted on my progress though. This can be yours for AUD $59.95