Argania Light hair oil

Argania LIGHT

Finally an Argan hair oil that doesn’t leave your hair volumless and weighed down.

We all know the wondrous benefits of argan oil with its antioxidant rich properties offing nourishment and protection for hair and skin.
And now Argania have created Aragania LIGHT, a unique, lightweight formula enriched with the wonders of 100% organic, fair traded argan created especially for lightened, fine or grey hair.

Using Argania Light
A few drops of Argania Hair Oil go a long way. Depending on the length of your hair, you can expect to get up to a year’s use from one 100ml bottle. Apply a few drops to palms then work through starting from the mid-section and working down. Allow a minute for absorption and then style as usual.
Used daily, Argania will become an essential part of your hair beauty routine.

Every person out there is a little self conscious of his or her looks, especially women. I am not so worried about my hair, but I do go through period where I wished I had straight thin hair that would look straightened all the time. Although now I am learning to love my wavy beach hit look hair, it is really growing on me now that it has grown nice and long.
 I will start with one of my favourite things about Argania LIGHT, the smell is wonderful and just lingers along with every flick of your hair; It’s fantastic.
Then there is the way Argania LIGHT leaves your hair feeling, it’s so silky and full of volume, which is really hard to get when using oil in your hair.
This might be the best bit for some; Argania LIGHT is probably the most affordable argan oil on the market. It retails for $34.99 for a 100mL bottle. And the bottle will last forever as you literally only need a few drops to do a whole head of hair. It’s great and Argan oil is one product I take when I go away, especially to beach trips and away camping when hair treatments aren’t on the list of things to do.