Montagne Jeunesse

If you are looking for a little bit of quick pampering with in the home, then Montagne Jeunesse have you covered. You could be laying in the bath, or when the kids have gone to bed laying on the couch catching up on them favourite shows with a mask on your face. Some of them heat your face, some of the cool your face and some even set hard and are able to peel right off (these are my favourite as they are just so much fun to take off.) It’s amazing how a little mud or clay on the face can relax you all the more, its fab!!! If I would have to choose my favourite from these I used it would definitely be the passion peel, it smells lovely and once peeled off leaves your skin silky soft! The one mask I really want to try that I haven’t yet is the chocolate, I love the though of being able to sit there with a chocolate mask rubbed all over my face
J mmmm Tempting not to eat it off!! So why not giver yourself a little pampering mummies and go get yourself a Montagne Jeunesse mask!!!

Passion Peel Off Face Masque
Pulped Pomegranate, Passion Flower, Raspberry, Grape, Cranberry and Vitamin E are anti-oxidants that help protect skin, while pores get a deep clean peel-off.

Cucumber Peel Off Face Masque
We've juiced Cucumbers and crushed Citrus goodness to give your skin a blast of freshness and help remove dead skin and impurities. Gently peel to reveal a fresh and revived new you.

Dead Sea Mud Pac
Invigorating real Dead Sea Minerals. Seaweed and Lavender help relax, calm and soothe. Impurities are drawn out and blocked pores opened leaving skin ultra deep pore clean.