Marina’s Ambrosia Products

Marina’s Ambrosia Products

This special collection is unique in its own right. All Marina’s Ambrosia ingredients are 100% fair trade and free of genetic modification. We are pleased to announce that we are currently working on a 100% Organic range and broadening the colour spectrum of our lipsticks ensuring that only natural ingredients are used and therefore all products are safe to be used by everyone, including those with special needs due to ill health.
Marina’s Ambrosia Products doesn’t suppress the natural function of the skin or its natural rhythms. Your skin is smart and resilient. It has an amazing ability to care for itself and constantly changes to adapt accordingly to internal and external environments.


Carrot & Passion fruit
Organic Castelle Foaming Cleanser
125ml - $22.00
If you love a bubbly face wash, you're going to love this Carrot and passion fruit organic Castelle cleanser. With no dispersing agents and 100% natural and organic this foaming face wash will leave your skin feeling crispy clean. Fantastic for problematic skin suffering from acne, allergy, irritation, blocked pores and sensitivity. Enriched in carrot oil knows for its beta carotene and Passion fruit oil which is high in natural Vitamin C. This organic face wash will aid the repair and healing process of your skin as you cleanse.
Use twice daily, morning and evening.

I love all foaming cleaners, they are so much easier to use and so much fun!! I take this in the shower with me and just add it to my cleaning routine, when I shampoo my hair I also wash my face. So then when its time to rinse my hair out I also rinses my face. It leaves your face glowing and fresh. I never used to be a facial cleansing person, but as I have got older and the blackheads have appeared and I use a lot more make up, I make sure I give my face a good clean. And Marina’s has helped me to do this!!

Primrose Moisturizer - the wonder cream!!
60ml - $25.00
Primrose moisturizer is made up with a strategic blend of ingredients to be used as both an eye cream as well as a daily facial moisturizer. This ultra light, hydrating formula will not leave your skin feeling greasy or dry. A soft scented smooth cream enriched with Vitamin E and Evening Primrose oil. This moisturizer works on the basis of ‘less is more’. Primrose moisturizer is so safe and natural; it can be used for nappy rash, cradle cap, and children that suffer dry skin. The special formula allows people with all skin types to use this product with success and satisfaction.
Remember its 100% plant based, all natural and additive free like your body was made to be!

I love the fact that this product is 100% plant based!! Who needs to put chemicals on the face when you can use something natural, the way nature intended!! I use this on little Maddy moos bum when ever I change her so far it has left the nappy rash at bay, which is really great from baby and mum!! I also suffer really bad dry elbows and I used this on them when they had cracked and began to really hurt me. It instantly gave me relief from that terrible sting. And then using it for a whole day, at night I applied some to my elbows along with the healing balm and glad wrapped them. In the morning my elbows were back to normal and healed!!!

Healing Balm - Sooth your problems away!!
60ml - $17.00
A very delicate and all natural way to sooth and heal your skin. Concentrated in a base of beeswax and cocoa butter, is a blend of luscious thick oils that will moisturize the thirstiest of skins. Healing balm contains lavendin which is an excellent anti inflammatory aids in the recovery of chest infections when applied on the chest and cold chills when applied to the feet.

This product is excellent for dry spots on elbow, knees, very dry hands and chapped lips. May also be used to aid in cuticle repair, dab on acne spots, dry spots on babies, cradle cap, irritation around the nose from excessive tissue use, wind burn, eczema, psoriasis (just to name a few).

I suffer some pretty bad psoriasis in winter and white dry scabs form here and there (mainly on my head) Initially its itchy and your just tempted to pull it off as that’s the only relief there is, and then there is the sting!! Which is horrible as it’s a consistent gnarly sting!!
This worked just great to help sooth it and put a barrier on it to stop the itch!! I will be tempted to use this when I get my next mozzie bite and see if that works!! I also use this when I am doing my nails and the cuticles get dried and cracked. Its fantastic, and I often put my fingers in my mouth as I bite my nails’ it doesn’t taste fowl either!!

BEIGE powder foundation
$69.95 (=$3.49/g)

Neutral skin - pink &
white light undertones
Mica, Iron Oxide and
ultramarine blue ONLY
0.71oz/20gm VOL

I love foundation and especially ones that don’t result in a break out! And I had no break outs whatsoever with this foundations. Its light going on but really does cover them blemishes a treat. It’s also good when taking photos as the light reflects nicely and hides them bags and blemishes, it also doesn’t leave you looking like a ghost when the flash goes off!!

Clear Vitamin E Lippy (Use on its own during the day or at night)
A fantastic lip treatment. Highly concentrated in Vitamin E. A vegan formula to suit both men and woman of any age. A spot treatment stick which can be used under the eyes to reduce puffiness after a long night and any dry spots on the face which may appear during menopause or even after a long day out in the elements.

I always always use this before applying my lippy; it makes it go on soo much smoother and gives it a flawless finish! I also just use this as a balm, it sooths your lips as soon as you apply it!!  As for using this under your eyes, I tried this but it left my eyes looking shiny so brought more attention to my bags, maybe it is best to use around the house before going out to help reduce the site of them horrible dark circles under the eyes!! I will try this next time!!