Don’t you hate it when you have to get the Jiff or cream cleanser out when your tan turns out blotchy or you’re a beautiful shade of orange * grrrr * This has to be the worst. I love that you can now clean your fake tan off with just a cloth no chemicals or anything needed its great!! It also saves your body from being sore and red from scrubbing away.. Then you realise you probably looked better orange and blotchy then RED!!!!
My favorite of all TanGO’s products is the TanGO tanning removal glove. It is just so easy to slip on and wipe away with out dropping a cloth or it slipping away. Don’t get me wrong the cloth is great and comes in a handy small tin so you can take it with you anywhere!! Now these sticky feet were a bit of a laugh in our house!!! I popped them on only to have my partner walk in and laugh. He went on to tell me it looked like I was ready to go scuba diving!! Hmm…. Sure ill scuba dive in the bath!! But these are great when tanning as the tiles tend to get slippery, but these babies stop that!!
Now I have saved the best until last…. * drum roll * the AMAZING TanON mitt. Since the start of this year I have not done my own fake tan without a mitt or glove as one it saves your hands from going orange. And two you get a flawless result, with no streaking or blotchy spots. Below is a little info on this glove and how amazing it is. But I recommend anybody out there to try a mitt when fake tanning. You wont look back!!!!

Cloth - $21.95 AUD + postage

tanGO® is the world’s first spray and self tan removal cloth….NO harsh chemicals, just add water. tanGO® removes tanning errors and helps keep your tan looking perfect for longer 

tanGO® is the perfect solution we have all been waiting for. It is as easy as WET ME, SQUEEZE ME, RUB ME. No more orange hands and feet, just a perfect flawless tan.

TanGO Tanning Removal Glove Australia
Glove - $26.95 AUD + postage
You loved tanGO® the WORLD’s FIRST tan removal cloth for it’s ease of use and effectiveness. Now Tanology has harnessed the technology behind the revolutionary cloth to produce tanGO® tan removal glove!
Presented in its very own convenient canister, the cute pink tanGO® tan removal glove works just like the original tanGO® cloth, but in glove form! The elasticised band means the glove won’t slip when you’re sloughing off tanning build-up or errors.

TanGO Sticky Feet
25 Pairs - $25.00 AUD +postage

tanGO’s Sticky feet are an absolute must for the tanning professional.
They are made out of non slip foam, hygienic and help stop cross contamination.
tanGO’s sticky feet are completely sticky on the sole and are a convenient one size fits all.
Please contact us for larger quantities, also available with your own unique salon branding.

TanON Tan Applicator Mitt
TanOn- $12.95 + postage
 designed for simple, non-messy and streak-free application of self tan products.
The applicator side of the tanON tan applicator mitt is made of a special soft-touch material that helps spread any type of self tan evenly onto your skin, letting you blend the product effortlessly, resulting in a streak-free tan. The mitts special fabric provides a barrier for you hands leaving them unstained 100% of the time!