Bondi Sands

When you think of Bondi you think amazing beaches beautiful weather and sexy tanned bodies!! 

So that's where Bondi Sands have stepped up to create what I think is the tanning product to archive that Bondi beach look!! So instead of laying under the Bondi sun and baking yourself why not give the Bondi Sands self tanning products a go.
If you are using a cream or lotion I would suggest (well my big tip) you HAVE HAVE HAVE to use a tanning glove. They make your tan have a flawless streak free tan and so so much better then making your hands look like you have dipped them in dye!! The smell of these tanning products is so coconutty you almost want to give it a lick! Yumm

Or Bondi Sands can also make your life easier with the spray on spray tan. You really get an amazing colour and don't walk around looking like an Oompa Loompa!!

Loving this tan :-) thank you Bondi Sands for this amazing opportunity and opening my eyes to a great product.

$19.95 AU
Bondi sands instant lotion dries in seconds to a stunningly rich natural flawless looking tan that last longer. Enriched with aloe vera, your skin will feel soft and smooth

$19.95 AU for 250 ml
Bondi sands instant tanning mist creates a professional salon quality tan within seconds. Infused with Vitamin E to moisturise and rejuvenate your skin, bondi sands mist goes on light and leaves your skin glowing with an effortlessly applied natural bronzed look every time.