Dr Roebucks

Over 30 years ago our physician parents searched high and low for an effective and safe skin care product for their precious children and patients. They discovered this did not exist. By combining an old English dermatological formula with their clinical and practical knowledge the formula for Dr Roebuck’s was born. 30 years on, Dr Roebuck’s is still delivering on what we need for our own skin, our children’s skin, and all that is precious to us. 

100% Australian Made AND Owned

LIPS- $18.95
Dr Roebuck’s introduces LIPS. A unique blend of beeswax and essential oils, this luscious lips formula will keep your lips soft and supple.
The first thing I noticed is the smell of the shea butter and macadamia oil, it really is a nice smell. It’s very oily with balm, my lips were sore and chapped from the sun and me always licking them, but LIPS took away that sting and I believe helped to repair my lips. The only bad thing I can say about this balm is that I felt it didn’t stay on my lips for long so you had to continue to apply often. But saying this, the jar goes very very far and you only need a little bit.

PURE- $54.95
The original formulation in the purest form, created for the most precious of skin. Doctor Roebuck’s prescribes Pure for sensitive skin, problem skin and eczema.
This was perfect for my daughters skin, she suffers from eczema really bad on her back and we can hardly ever apply anything to it or else it irritates the heck out of it! It doesn’t really have any smell what so ever and really is in its PURE form. I also love using this on my elbows because it’s the only cream that instantly hydrates them and stops the sting. But PURE is great for anybody out there that has a skin condition or very sensitive skin.

Dr Roebuck’s prescribes this soothing BUBS & BITS for post waxing, post shaving, nappy rash and all those precious and sensitive parts.
I also used this cream on my legs after shaving. My legs tend to get really dry and whenever I use cream I am almost in tears because there is always something in it that irritates my freshly shaved skin!! So rest assured mummies if you feel the sting after shaving this cream does the job!! I also used this on my 4 yo bits and pieces as she got thrush, we cleared that with an anti fungal and then she was just sore and raw from itching. So we used this on her and within 2 days it was gone. I have now switched a different product in the nappy bag and Dr Roebucks lives there now.

FACE- $59.95
FACE is a unique active formula including active ingredients (Vitamin E, Macadamia Oil and Rosehip Oil) that rehydrates the skin and reduces wrinkles. Dr Roebuck’s prescribes FACE as an everyday facial skincare remedy.
I only used this cream once as I am starting to get funny with what I use on my face. Recently I had a massive breakout and I think it was because of a product, and I don’t know which one. So I have been cautious and just stuck to the one product now. I also don’t have problems with wrinkle but this would suit any mummy that does! It’s a great thick consistency and you only need to stick your finger in and that will do your whole face and neck (well it did mine anyway!) I found out through my mum though my grandma used to use this religiously and swore that’s how she got her glow! My grandma always had amazing skin!!