For Walls Decals

forwalls are making decorating for kids even easier, with more choices than ever before!
Let kids imaginations run wild by mixing and matching a huge selection of bright and fun removable wall, window and chalkboard stickers. Hang a stylish set of wall canvases to add flair to the nursery or play room. Or hide away them toys in a great storage hamper.
Forwalls also has a great range called BohoBetty and BohoBelle which is a range of really nice boho jewelry, great for summer, as there is no need to take them off when going into the water.


I Love Paris
Pack contains 2 sheets

Measures approx 128cm wide x 59cm high when assembled as shown

I did previously buy the girls a wall decal from eBay and found that they started to peel and go not so nice after a month. With I Love Paris, you dont have to worry about any of that as they truly stay where they are put. I also love forwalls range you can almost theme your kids room in any theme, and then come a few years time change it around again.

Winking Owl Wall Canvas
300mm x 300mm canvas on MDF frame

These are great to pair up with a wall decal or even by themselves. They are made out of a good quality canvas and have been printed beautifully. I love this little winking owl and also her siblings. I would love to eventually get the complete set to have the three of them sitting on a branch. They would also make for an amazing present for a new mum or even for a little child. My daughter adores her owls as it has been put up right above her bed!

Owly Square Storage Basket

Size: 31.5mm (W) x 31.5mm (H) x 31.5mm (D)

Made from all natural 100% cotton canvas.
 Designs are made from felt with cotton stitching.

These baskets are a fantastic idea for any kids bedroom or even toy room to hide away them little toys that end up on the floor and being stepped on. I think Hayley (4) likes the novelty of being able to pull the owl out of her cube shelves and then packing them up. As for my Madison (1.4) she just likes pulling it out and putting the toys everywhere as shes just at that stage. Its a great way to keep rooms clean and tidy and love it!

saddle nut

Wow! If shimmering is your thing then this is the perfect bracelet for you.
These seductive bronze balls on metallic chocolate leather just flicker beautifully in the light making this an alluring bracelet

I love this bracelet, and have worn it to the beach and in the water, and havent yet had a problem with fading. I have had a few problems with fading with other jewellery in the past and the saddle nut by bohobetty has withstood the challenge! Its also really pretty and when the sun hits it, it really does turn into a bit of bling!