Love for Dove

Dove is a brand that I am sure almost everyone has heard or even used!!
I love Dove and always keep coming back. They are cheap their products smell amazing and they do the job! I know summer time for some strange reason I don’t like using my bars of soap, I much prefer to lather with a loofa!

I was lucky enough to try a couple of the Dove body washes! And I loved their bars of soap mainly because they were really milky and smelt great. But the body washes have now topped them off!! The Triple Moisturising bar smells like the Dove bars, if you have ever used these you would know the smell; a fresh fruity clean, with a kind of talc scent as well.

I was also given the chance to try the brand new Purerly Pampering shea butter and warm vanilla scented body wash. This is my favourite smelling wash I have used by far. It’s such a great vanilla scent. But I really cant describe the scent it is something you need to smell yourself (although sometimes I wish I had a smeller blogger) I love how creamy this wash lathers on, and the scent remains on your skin hours after use. I also found that it really did hydrate my skin and not once did I get dried legs like I usually do when using a wash or soap on them, which I think is great.
Some body washes can strip the moisture from your skin. Dove is different. With breakthrough NutriumMoisture, it's proven to hydrate and nourish skin deep down* and maintain its beauty.

- Features a breakthrough blend of moisturisers enriched with skin natural lipids that can deeply absorb within the skin's surface to nourish deep down* when you shower
- Leaves your skin feeling soft and supple 
- A rich creamy formulation that gives a touch of pampering nourishment in the shower
- Available in 200ml, 375ml and 1L pump packs