Surmanti make rich to the touch, intoxicating to the senses and soothing to the skin, beauty, bath and body care products, reflecting the vitality and spirit of our most discerning consumers… the client concerned about ageing.
We craft your products fresh in small batches, using ingredients in their pure and raw state, preserving the rich vitamins and minerals within our ingredients.
We use sustainably harvested, time tested, organic ingredients, where ever possible.
Our products are free of parabens, sodium lauryl and laureth sulphates, mineral oils, dyes and harmful chemicals so you’ll always get the best results without any harmful side effects.
We’re passionate about doing our part in the preservation and sustainability of our environment and helping preserve our earth’s beauty and resources for future generations.
We’re committed to creating high quality products that have minimum impact on the environment.
Our packaging is recyclable and our products are certified 100% vegan and cruelty free.
We choose to educate our clients on ingredients to make healthier, safer better informed decisions.

I love a great facial routine now.  I never used to rely on products to help my face all I used is soap in the shower that was it! At the most you would see me use a facial scrub once a month or so! Now I like to do a full-face routine twice a week. I don’t like doing it every day as I don’t feel the need, and I just don’t have the time to be worrying about myself with the two kids! I love all these products my favourite would have had to of been the toner. It made my face glow and feel like a million dollars!!
When using this cream you can almost eat your hands off (or your body if this is where you choose to use it). It smells like a light creamy chocolate smell, hence the name. The cream is great value for money as it keeps you hands soft and silky. It stays on your hands for a great amount of time I just like to apply it often to get a smell of it!!

Rebalance Brightening Toner
120.00 ml


Refreshes, balances and corrects skins ph levels. Neutralises environmental stress to maintain skins youthful appearance.

Rebalance Purifying Cleanser
120.00 ml

Quickly and effectively removes impurities, make up and neutralises toxins that contribute to premature aging. Leaves skin feeling cleansed, balanced and soft.

Rebalance Nourishing Facial Creme
50.00 ml

Instantly penetrates skin cell layers to protect, hydrate and deliver concentrated nourishment against oxidants and moisture loss. Contains precious blends of plant extracts and essential oils

Rejuvenating Hand & Body Creme Choco-lait
120.00 ml

The ultimate anti-aging creme is readily absorbed yet imparts a rich soft elegantly moisturised effect that instantly penetrates skin layers to provide concentrated nourishment.

Avalon Beauty College

Avalon Beauty College offer you the very best in beauty and nail training via college attended courses, e-learning or external courses. Our training is about giving you results, it gives you the opportunity to gather knowledge and move forward to create a wonderful career in the beauty industry. We are proud of our success and welcome the opportunity to assist you in achieving your goals whether that is to open your own salon, find employment or travel.