Please Santa


I know every woman out there has thought about ghd, whether it is dreaming that they owned one ( like me) SIGH, or wondering if it is a hit or a miss…
This is one straightener that is very much on my wish list and probably has been for the last 3 years… (Santa clearly doesn’t get the message)

And now instead of the groovy purple straightener I wanted last year I have a new one on my list.. the ghd gold series classic styler. These also come in max styler and mini styler. I cant wait for the day I use this baby in my hair reviews and styles and be able to show it off to all you beauties out there!!

 Without a doubt ghd is head of the league and no other product comes close although a lot of them do make wannabees!! confession- I am one that owns a rip off

This is how good they get even the ambassador was baffled
ghd ambassador, highly acclaimed hair dresser and owner of Wild Life hair salons, Jayne Wild, said: "I thought ghd couldn't get any better at something they have already made perfect to work with, but they have managed to reset the standard in heat styling tools with the very chic Classic, Mini and Max Gold Series Stylers. You only have to put them in your hand to feel the difference. They're not only lighter to handle, making it easier to create more volume and movement, but they are also cooler to touch. ghd continues to deliver lasting results, reinforcing that the ghd stylers are the salons styling tool of choice.”

So your probably thinking so what is so special about this styler that makes me want this and not any of the others. Well it is new and improved and has new features like:
Ceramic plates (like previous models)
A new protective guard to cover the hot plates, this is great when your in a rush and a mum and don’t have time to wait for it to cool before leaving in
And then there is my favourite… an improved outer casing making the straightener cooler to touch, so when I want to really clamp that hair straight I am not burning my hand trying to clamp!!