Summers here so we get out the platters out with cold meat and olives, or maybe whip up a salad with vinegar, salt pepper and olive oil salad. Well now there is another way to include olives into your summer.
I love the fact that something I eat and use in cooking has been incorporated into a body and skincare range. May I add that it smells nothing like olives, and more a delicious addictive smell!! I had my thoughts and imagined what this would actually smell like, but I was so far wrong it's not funny.

I had the chance to use quite a few products from the Simuolive range and my favourite would have had to of been the hand cream. It's more like a hand glove as it keeps your hand hydrated for longer then 5 minutes and smells fabulous.
The skincare oil is great, as it is a natural product and leaves your skin feeling and smelling great. This oil also leaves your skin shining; I loved using it on my legs, as they appeared to glow!!
Ok, now I have turned off the soap bars skittle and loving the shower gels and stuff. So the shower gel was a great product, it did everything it was meant to and didn't dry my skin out like some I have previously used.

They also have another great range called Tebe, this range also comes in men. It differs as the bottles are blue rather then green and they smell different.

A great range of products that I would encourage anybody out there to give a try!!

Olive Hand Moisturising Cream 75ml
AU $14.95

Combining natural plant extracts with the Estate’s own extra virgin olive oil and spring water, Olive  Hand Cream will help to hydrate  your skin, revitalising its appearance. Olive’s non-greasy formulation is quickly absorbed, leaving your skin feeling smooth and soft. 

Olive 100% natural skin care oil

AU $28.95

Olive 100% natural skincare oil has been developed using a unique combination of natural active botanical ingredients. The base ingredient is our very own NZ produced Olive Oil, which has been used for centuries in the Mediterranean as a beauty treatment and remedy for skin problems. A pure treat you and your families skin.
Containing olive leaf extract to improve elasticity, revitalizing rosehip oil, regenerating sea buckthorn, restoring calendula, repairing kiwi seed extract and soothing ginger extract.
With powerful botanical ingredients known to assist:
Stretch Marks
Fine lines & ageing skin
Uneven skin tone
Dry & sensitive skin