Panasonic Iron

The Panasonic 360 degree quick iron
NI-W8810CSNSJ   $99.00

If you are on the market for a new iron, I have found the one you are looking for. This is every mums dream, as it really does make ironing a breeze! I used to hate the thought of having to iron, as my iron was way past it’s used by date. But now I will be the first to admit it, I actually enjoy ironing!! Weird I know, my partner looked at me funny when I strangely enough had a smile on my face ironing!!
I love that this iron has two pointy ends it just makes it easy to maneuver and move into those hard spaces. The Panasonic 360 degrees iron has so many features it’s unbelievable!!
In addition to the unique 360° QuickTM Iron design, the four steam/dry irons also feature:
   Temperature control dial to set precise heat for all fabrics, including silk
   Adjustable steam from all steam holes to effectively tackle large areas without repeated attempts
   Extra jet (burst) of steam with self-cleaning steam vents to get out stubborn wrinkles

Large sole plate to speed up jobs such as tablecloths and curtains
   An anti-calcium function (Calc Cut) that prevents calcium build-up inside your iron that can clog steam holes, thus ensuring a longer Iron lifespan
   3 way auto-shutoff safety feature to avoid worry (available only with the NI- W810CSNSJ)

And this iron is also very well priced for everything you get!! I love this iron. My old iron just pooped itself after being dropped so I know what I will be going out to buy J AMAZEBALLS!!!!