Bio Oil

BIO OIL is like gold in the bottle.
The amount of uses it has is amazing.
You can use this on scars. When I was younger (12) I was in a major life threating car accident. And as the result I was left with a big scar across my temple and back into my hairline. I was super conscious about this and my self-esteem was affected majorly. The doctors recommended BOI OIL, so I used it and a year later my scar is almost unnoticeable.
You can also use this on stretch marks which is great for us mummies.. While pregnant there is nothing worse then that horrible itchy feeling of your stomach stretching. That’s where BIO OIL comes in, just rub it into the affected area and you will find the itch is almost completely subsided.  Then after baby is out you will find there are stretch marks EVERYWHERE. I had them on my boobs on my thighs and of course my tummy.. I used BIO OIL every day and night, my stretch marks are nothing but the silver marks now and you can only really see them in the sun!

It can also be used for things like ageing skin and also dehydrated skin. Being an oil it quickly and efficiently hydrates your skin, without leaving you feeling slimy and gross like you have rolled around in a pool of baby oil!

BIO OIL is one product every mum should have and try, as this product ACTUALLY WORKS, no bull!! It also has a nice light subtle smell, which I love.