Tender Love + Carry

Don’t you hate it when you go away and there is just not enough space in that make up case to cram everything in, yet you don’t want to walk around with a suitcase full of makeup and toiletries! Well TL+C (tender love and carry) have an amazing range to cover all them needs!! They have really cute and funky designs and I can assure you there is a style or design you will love!!

I was lucky enough to try the red ladies clutch with girls standing bag. Ok when you hear the word clutch you just think going for a night out. This isn’t one of them types of clutch, but a perfect makeup and or toiletries bag! I love how durable and how safe and protected it keeps my makeup. Easy zip opening and a very generous size. I love this bag and when I go away it comes with me!!! These clutches are available in either the red as shown or also black.

The bag I was lucky enough to review can be found in the retro rouge section on the link below  J summer getaways are now covered!!