Philips Lumea Precision Plus

There is now a faster way to get beautifully smooth skin and long-lasting hair removal results every day with the new Philips Lumea Precision Plus. The latest addition to the Philips Lumea family, the Lumea Precision Plus is the only at-home IPL solution with extra safety for your face. A tailored body attachment with a bigger application window for larger areas enables women to treat both legs in just 15 minutes, up to 30 per cent faster than the previous Lumea range.

An enhanced battery life allows women to complete a full body and face treatment in one application without the need to recharge and it features a prolonged lamp lifetime of 100,000 flashes, enabling women to use the device for a minimum of 5 years without the need for a replacement lamp, making it even more cost effective.

I’ve never been a fan of waxing, it is just a little to painful for me. I have also never been a fan of the god old epilator, as I was left with really bad red lumps and then my hairs would grow under my skin and really annoy me. Shaving is too much of a drag, every three days and then you have to battles the cuts and sometimes the sting. Now my life may have just been made 10 times simpler (and less painful), as my Philips Lumea Precision Plus just arrived on my doorstep.

I couldn’t wait to review this beauty and I wanted to get a foot in the door for summer. We go away to the Murray River each and every year for a week plus. And there is nothing worse then having to pack your razor and shave in the water.

I opened the Philips Lumea Precision plus up and a massive part of me was super excited, and the other half was absolutely crapping my dacks. Some of the thoughts that run through my head was.. Is this going to hurt, will I have ugly in ingrown hairs, will it scab up like I’ve seen with some… The answer to all of these so far is NO!!!!

You have to shave your legs first and then let them dry thoroughly. All you then do is grab the machine which looks like a funny gun, pop it on your leg at a 90 degree angle and press gently until the green ready light comes on. Then fire away.  The only ‘pain’ I felt was behind my knees and it was like a tiny little pinch more then bearable. Afterwards there were no red marks, no pain and just a light tingly itchy feeling, which went away after an hour!! The removal on my legs only took about 15 mins for both legs. I am excited for my next treatment in two weeks!! I was so confident that it wasn’t painful I went straight onto doing my underarms. I had the worst experience with waxing; when it took the skin off under my arms, so today I was petrified. The first zap was a real pinch and made me flinch and as they went on it was tolerable. It wasn’t comfortable but it also didn’t kill. After doing both arms that took less then a minute there was no feeling or hurt or redness! It is such a great device.
 I more then love this machine and can’t wait to keep you mummies updated!!!


Philips Lumea Precision Plus is $1,299.95 RRP from Shaver Shop nation wide!

Now I know a lot of mummies might thing this is a lot of money. But if you add up the cost of soap, shaving cream, razors, blades and even waxing treatments you would get in 5 years. This device will be a money saver in the end, and saves a heck of a lot of trouble and even pain.