yes to.. baby

Yes to Baby Carrots 100% Natural Baby Line nurtures, soothes and softens your little bubbas skin NATURALLY!!! Yes to carrots have created a great line both for your little ones and the whole family!!

Founded by 2 Australians!!

Rrp $5.99 for 30 towelettes
The Face & Nose Wipes are a handy way for parents to safely and effectively get the 'gunk' off their little ones' faces, noses, hands - anywhere! Made with all-natural saline, Vitamin E, and organic carrots, these wipes are a great addition to any diaper bag, changing table, or purse!

These are great they don’t burn babies’ eyes when you wipe their face. I have always felt horrible when wiping Mad’s face and nose and she tries to eat the wipe not knowing what chemicals are on them! But now I can be rest assured that she’s not putting any chemicals in that little mouth, and putting something that is almost edible in there!!
I love how when using these I get the image of wiping her face with carrot peels, even though it's really not, that image just comes to mind!!

RRP $7.99 for a 350mL bottle
Rubba-dub-dub, let's play in the tub! Yes To Baby Carrots 100% Natural Cleansing Bubble Bath cleanses, nourishes and moisturizes your little one's soft skin, while keeping the tub filled with both bubbles and giggles. Bath time was never this much fun!*

• 100% Natural
• Tear-free, Hypoallergenic
• Petroleum, SLS, & Paraben Free

Yes finally a natural bubble bath that creates loads of bubbles!! This stuff is great for mums looking for lots of bubbles!! My daughters both LOVE bubbles, piling them on their hands and then blowing them to one another. Brings hours of fun to their bath time. Ummm I wouldn’t say there is a strong smell but I definatley will say it DOESN’T smell like your bathing your kids in carrots either. It is just a nice soft clean smell, I cant even smell any type of carrot in there. Although you can tell as there is an orange tint to the liquid!
I love how Yes to.. carrots has also kept to the theme and made all their packaging orange! I think it is great, and I personally love it. There products are both gentle on kids skin while doing there job which is what you look for in a product!!!