Max Kater was born and raised in a beige-and-leafy suburb of Los Angeles,
California where she dreamed of Bright Lights and the Big City. After a brief stint as a Junior Publicist in Hollywood she landed her first job as a Fashion Editor and never looked back. Her job took her to all the fashion capitals and ultimately to Hong Kong, where she met
her husband and business partner, Peter Kater, in a private disco. Max gave up her career as a Fashion Editor to be a stay-at-home Mother, dreaming of gorgeous housecleaning products that didn’t exist.Peter Kater was born in Sydney, Australia and had the same itchy feet to see the world as Max. Growing tired of morning group exercise at Mitsubishi
Corporation, "I do miss the morning stretches sometimes," he set his cap for Old Hong Kong. There he worked for an eco-savvy company that started his long association with environmentally conscious businesses. After a long and successful tenure in the corporate world,
Peter has been gently coaxed away from his lucrative career to become the Managing Director of Murchison-Hume."Not nearly the same salary, but the perks are good."After launching in Sydney in 2007 they have returned to live in Los Angeles with their two young sons, Ben and Charlie who were the inspiration behind Boy’s Bathroom Cleaner.


"Superlative" Liquid Hand Soap
Do you know where your hands have been? 

$21.00 inc GST
We all know that frequent hand washing is one of the easiest and most effective ways of staying healthy.
But what are you washing your hands with? Some supermarket soaps are very harsh and drying and others are so heavily scented it’s like dipping your hands in cheap synthetic fragrance. Plech!
Our coconut-based liquid soap is blended with wheat proteins, chamomile, rose hip extracts and vitamins to buffer hands against dryness and our lightly scented formulas mean you can use them while cooking (and eating). Lather up, rinse and dry. Follow with our Decidedly Rich Hand Cream. Now that’s saving your skin!

"Counter Intelligence" Food Safe Surface Spray
500 ml

$12.50 inc GST

Finally: Squeaky-clean counter tops minus the overkill. “Counter Intelligence” Food Safe Surface Spray tackles all your everyday germs without the use of harsh or dangerous chemicals. It leaves counter tops clean, with a light, fresh scent or Fragrance-Free. Non-flammable, Non-Toxic and safe enough for use in food preparation areas; in the nursery, even on the dog! Now that’s intelligence you can count on

Comes in Australian White grapefruit, juniperberry, original fig, coriander.

I love Murchison Hume’s packaging; the dark brown bottles with a nice plain white label, modern and sophisticated. I also love the writing they use on their labels it is really fancy!! I feel really fancy when using their products (without the fancy price tag)
With the surface spray I will use this until there is no more left, then I will be very quick to buy more!!! The smell… As you would all know I am a sucker for great smelling products!! I have NEVER smelt a cleaning products that smells so good and chemical free. I used the Australian white grapefruit.  It actually does a great job at cleaning as well. I have stone bench tops and sometimes when I clean there is streaks left on the bench but counter intelligence leaves my benches nice and shiny without a streak.

As for their hand wash I trust it enough to use it on the kids. It is really gentle and smells great, but really cuts down on grime and cleans them hands!! My hands never get dry when using superlative, which means no need for hand  cream after every wash ,when to be honest that kind of steers me away from washing my hands a lot of the time. I love the coconut smell that stays on your hands, and you know its natural, as the smell doesn’t punch you in the face.

This foams up nicely on your hands and doesn’t leave them feeling gritty if you don’t wash every little bit of it off either.  I will be getting on to Murchison Hume and probably try and get all my household products switched to them as they look so pretty on the counters and any where they sit!