ColorOn.. is the easiest makeup a mum can own!

ColorOn brings a single use ( Although I use mine at least 3 times), hygienic (no need to double dip) applicators the require no make up skills and are just so easy to apply! Whether you are after a light natural effect or a more dramatic out there look, ColorOn has you covered!!

ColorOn Professional Instant Eye Shadow Applicators are designed to make anyone look as if they have a make-up artist on call. The kits, patented since 1992, are a revolutionary application technology. The appliqués are easy, fast and fun to use, so that it appeals to everyone, from the make-up junkie; the make-up artist to the make-up-averse. The appliqués are pillowy-soft disposable applicators, laden with mineral cosmetic eye shadows, in colours and designs ranging from subtle daytime to smoldering evening looks, created to suit every skin tone.

Australian Owned Company Eye Dream has brought us this amazing product from ColorOn…


This would have to be one product for the make up loving products that has been sent from above!! There’s is no need for hours in the bathroom applying eye shadow, only for it not to be right and do it again!!
There is also no need for them broken eye shadows that just go everywhere!! The kids cannot paint their faces with eye shadow (or the house) with these beauties!! You can also get the products cheaper if you choose to host a party plan. This can also be lots of fun with friends and show them to a great easy to use product as well!!
I personally don’t leave the house without a little eye shadow I usually do a dual colour look! And now with these after the shower you just whack one on your eye holding it in place with like a peace sign and gently rub or pat! You then blend it in to suit. Then apply some of the powder they supply you with to set the look! And you’re done; no joke its just that easy!! And I also found this last the whole day through!! It really is a professional look minus the price! I am heading over this pay to stock my eye shadow up with these beauties!! This has to be the best idea anyone has come up with for us women (especially mummies, who are usually strapped for time) they also use a mineral base, which is a major plus!! I know this is not Australian Made but Eye Dream who brought Australia this product is, and it just fits in with mummies so well!! If anyone needs to be in and out of the bathroom fast it would have to be us mummies!!!!! And mummies… they are CREASE PROOF, this is my pet hate when it comes to eyeshadow!!! There is also no need for a primer or anything it goes on great without anything at all!!!