nvey ECO

Since 2005 NVEY ECO has been at the forefront of Organic Makeup - developing and perfecting methods and techniques that have evolved into a Pure Organic Makeup Artistry concept that takes "green" cosmetics to the next level of perfection.


RRP $49.95

Organic Chamomile, Vitamin E organic Safflower Oil combine to create this soothing, moisturising and aromatic liquid foundation. This luxurious formula assists dry and sensitive skins. Tinted using natural earth elements, NVEY ECO Moisture Rich Fluid Foundation is available in a range of colours for a natural everyday radiance.
Enriched with Vitamins A, C, E
Oil Free, Fragrance Free
Evens skin tone

Comes in cool ivory, custard, beige,  cool natural, golden honey and warm honey.

I love to use this foundation for work; I do catering in a corporate place and they like you to look as natural as possible. And you can sometimes work up a sweat so you want something that is light yet covers up them rosy cheeks. 
When I wear Nvey’s foundation you can barely tell I have any foundation on except for the fact that I don’t have any blemishes and my skin almost looks picture perfect.
When I want a light cover I just squirt some of this into a blog of moisturiser and rub in evenly, it’s a light cover while moisturising my face, which is great!  I love that it is tinted in earth elements so that how you get the colour (straight from the earth)
It is also oil free so there is no blocking up the pores with un-needed oils, and you can avoid the shine!!
I do like this foundation a lot and cant wait to try more of Nvey’s range. I will be using these in my upcoming YouTube channel just to show you its finish and how nice it goes on.