Refreshed Lemon Myrtle

Australia is a continent renowned for remarkable essential oils - Eucalyptus and Tea Tree oils are primary examples.
There has been another, somewhat sleepier, native Australian essential oil which,after 10 years of exciting development, is now ready to join those ranks.

Introducing - Australia's 'new' indigenous Lemon Myrtle.  It's the new Tea Tree .... just smells delicious!


Refreshed Lemon Myrtle Natural Foaming Soap
Price  $ 8.95

Smooth as silk, Refreshed foaming soap gently cleanses and promotes healthy skin while maintaining its natural moisture balance. This gentle, skin enriching liquid soap is conveniently dispensed by pump action for easy use as a soft, luxurious foam. New!

I love this Pump action bottle, it is so easy to easy and already foams up as soon as it leaves the bottle. This is great for either beside your sink to wash your hands, or for in the shower (this is where I use it.) There is no worrying about dropping the soap or the soap not washing off your body easily. I used a soap the other week (in bar form) and when I got out of the shower and started to dry off I was bubbling it was attached to my skin and just didn’t want to wash off! But this simply rinses off with water leaving your skin nice and clean.

Refreshed Lemon Myrtle Natural Goat’s Milk Soap
Price  $ 3.85

A naturally rich combination - Goat’s Milk and Lemon Myrtle both combine to formulate a uniquely, creamy luxurious soap. For ultimate skin nourishment, skin friendly goat’s milk contains many beneficial qualities. Amino acids, proteins and vitamin A are gentle on the skin, whilst lactic acid aids in softening and exfoliating the skin. The soothing nature of this product makes it well suited for problem or sensitive skin.

The smell of this soap is beautiful, it has such a soft aroma to it. I used a goats milk soap once that smelt like milk that actually just came from the goat, this really wasn’t something I wanted to rub all over my body. This on the other hand has a fresh zesty smell to it, which I can’t wait to use in summer!!  This soap also doesn’t break apart in your hand it’s a nice hard soap that it gentle on the skin.

Refreshed Lemon Myrtle Natural Plain Soap
Price  $ 3.85           

Our uniquely luxurious soap both cleanses and refreshes the entire body. Ideal for dry and sensitive skin, Refreshed Lemon Myrtle soap is a gentle way to enrich skin and is perfect for working into a moisturising lather to shave with. Natural moisture rich formulation leaves skin feeling soft and silky smooth. Ingredients: Palm oil (sustainable source), palm kernel oil (sustainable source), purified water, glycerin (plant derived), lemon myrtle (Backhousia citriodora) oil, macadamia (Macadamia integrifolia) oil, coconut oil, sodium chloride (salt).

Again to me this was a lot like the other soap with just a change of texture and slight smell difference. One thing I love about these soap is that when you read the ingredients there’s nothing in there that you wouldn’t know, ok they may have a technical name but then you read on to find out what it actually is. And it is all natural ingredients going in there!!!

Refreshed Lemon Myrtle Natural Body Lotion
Price  $ 14.95
A moisturising, rich and fragrant all-over body lotion with the uplifting aroma of Lemon Myrtle. Combining a natural formulation of Almond oil, Shea Butter, Macadamia oil and Aloe Vera - Refreshed Lemon Myrtle body lotion is easily absorbed into the skin for conditioning, softening and hydration. A natural lotion, nourishing the whole family - great for sensitive skin.

This is is nice light moisturiser. It quickly absorbs into your skin and leaves it nice and wel.... "refreshed" the name of these products really do suit the products your reviewing after using them you really are led reeling refreshed and revitalised. This moisturiser doesn't leave your skin oily or greasy either it quickly absorbs into the skin.

Refreshed Lemon Myrtle Natural Body Butter
Price $ 12.95
Luxurious and creamy, Refreshed Lemon Myrtle body butter deeply penetrates to moisturise and soothe all skin types. The body moisturiser is a rich source of natural nut butters that actively comfort and nourish dry, sensitive skin. The soothing application of Refreshed Lemon Myrtle body butter forms a replenishing part of any daily skin care routine.

I didn’t think there would be much of a difference between the body butter and the lotion, but there is. The butter is more thick and creamy, you could almost say a little more greasy to. But it’s not a deep greasy its just a light glow look that heavily moisturisers your skin. It really is a much thicker cream. I think I prefer this one to the lotion but they are both great products.

Refreshed Lemon Myrtle Natural Air Freshener
Price  $ 7.95
SPECIAL - Buy an Air Freshener and receive a FREE Exfoliating Soap. Surround yourself with the uplifting and refreshing aromas of Lemon Myrtle. The lemony, revitalising air freshener eliminates unpleasant odours and is a 100% safe alternative to chemical brands. Great for bathrooms, kitchens and stale areas. All of your environments can now be freshened with the delightful aroma of Australian Lemon Myrtle.

AH MAZE ING! This air freshner is fab. The smell last for a long time and is especially great in the toilet as it masks the bad smells right away. Then they don't return, unlike some air freshners you use the smell is gone after spraying and no off after smell. It is also great to spray on curtains and furniture for a freshen up. I use this multiple times during the day. I have had many compliments on how good my house smells.