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Madura Tea

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Madura - Excellence in Tea
Madura tea is made the way nature intended.

As Australian pioneers of eco-sensitive tea cultivation, we make pure, natural tea that is unrivalled in freshness and flavour.

Naturally low in caffeine, high in antioxidants and full of flavour, Madura tea is cultivated in harmony within the world heritage rainforests and unpolluted rivers of the Tweed Valley, near Murwillumbah.

Our tea is rigorously tested for contaminants, and packed at the Madura estate to guarantee its quality from plantation to cup. We have been named one of the cleanest teas sold in Australia by Choice Magazine, and recognised nationally for our sustainable approach to packaging and waste minimisation.

Green Tea
20 Individual tea bags

A selection of exotic, China style green teas from Asia, enhanced with our own Australian estate green teas producing a uniquely refreshing tea, most suited to the western palate. Ideal any time of day, consumed hot or cold, with or without flavorings. This is Australia's top selling green tea.

Premium Blend
20 Individual tea bags

A selection of high grown, pure Ceylon teas chosen at their peak of quality and enhanced with our own Australian estate tea producing a unique, full bodied, bright, strong tea, crafted to satisfy the most discriminating tea drinker.

English Breakfast
20 Individual tea bags

A classic blend of the finest pure Ceylon and South Indian teas enriched with our own Australian estate teas producing a unique, colory, flavorsome tea. Particularly suited to giving a fresh start to the day or to enjoy with light snacks or meals.

Green tea and Australian Myrtle
20 Individual tea bags

Capitalizing on the unique properties of both Madura green tea and Australian Lemon Myrtle, Madura has achieved a synergy of a most pleasant, enlivening, lemony brew that presents an opportunity to rehydrate, to top up your immune system with tea antioxidants and to benefit from the highly anti-viral, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties of citral, an essential oil, occurring naturally in Australian Lemon Myrtle. Australian Lemon Myrtle is the world’s richest known source of citral.

I have nothing bad to say about these teas. I am a tea mummy not a coffee mummy. These teas are such a delight to drink, they are smooth and full of aroma. I personally love green tea, although a lot of mummies don’t. There are so many benefits in drink green tae, and for me it really does relax me. But then Madura takes it to the next level with green tea and Lemon Myrtle, my God the aroma of this tea is amazing. I sit my face over the cup just to get a good smell, and then when you take a sip the flavour explodes in your mouth!!! 
With the English breakfast I got them out whenever we had guests that wanted tea and they were such a big hit. I know my grand dad even went for seconds and half of thirds before he felt like he had swallowed a pool!! Madura is a very high quality tea and it really shows when drinking it.  They have been named one of the cleanest teas in Australia and I now know why, what a great tea. I also love the packaging it reminds me of aboriginal art and takes me to the Australian outback.
 Definitely my cup of tea ;)

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