There is a philosophy for what we do – and we call it five:amness. We believe you get a unique view of the world at 5AM – a sense of clarity rarely seen throughout the rest of the day. True, many of us are still sleeping, but there are others who embrace this time as their own – to cycle, surf, do yoga or otherwise greet the new day with a purity of mind, body and spirit. Our aim is to capture this ‘five:amness’ and bottle it - to allow you a 5AM moment of your own
      no matter what time of the day or night.


170g tubs are $2.29
700g tubs are $6.49
70g squeezy are $1.59

Low fat mango organic yoghurt
So you reckon you know fresh produce? Nothing comes fresher than our low fat organic mango yoghurt. Our organic mango yoghurt is made with the best quality fresh ingredients, including whole organic mango, fresh organic milk and probiotic bacteria cultures to promote healthy digestion.

This is the first yoghurt I have had the privilege to try that actually taste like the real deal fresh mangoes!! It’s also just so smooth. Unlike most yoghurt it stays smooth there is no watery liquid on top when you go back to it, and it doesn’t separate which is great! My hubby loves Mango, so I got to try a little and the rest he demolished in minutes, which is saying something because usually he can be quite picky when it comes to food!!

Vanilla bean organic yoghurt

Sometimes likened to a dream, our organic vanilla bean yoghurt is down-right amazing and is filled with fresh ingredients like real organic vanilla beans, organic milk and probiotic bacteria cultures to promote healthy digestion. five:am’s organic vanilla bean yoghurt is gluten-free and contains no gelatine, preservatives or starches and no artificial colours, flavours, stabilisers or sweeteners. Trust us, if you knew what half that stuff was you wouldn’t want it in your yoghurt!

Yum Yum yum, this yogurt just melts on your tongue. It is so good and absolutely delicious. This would have to be one of the best EVER vanilla yogurts I have tried. And what I love about vanilla you can add whatever fruit you like to it which is yummy. For breakfast I also love to add mixed muesli and dried fruit to five:am’s yoghurt. It is soo yummy and really good for both you and the little ones!!! This is one of the first foods I introduced my little one to!!

Pure and Simple Yoghurt
A pure and simple kind of eater? Natural is right up your alley. Our organic natural yoghurt is made with the freshest of fresh ingredients, including organic milk, organic cream and probiotic bacteria cultures to promote healthy digestion.

This is great to mix with whatever you like!! Or to make some really yummy dips. This yoghurt is also a great starting point for little ones and then if they like it you could introduce them to more flavours and what not!!

Greek style Organic Yoghurt
five:am's organic Greek greek style yoghurt is a favourite in the Greek community - and that's saying something!

This is great yoghurt for many recipes. My family used it last on some yummy chicken wraps and it was soooo good!!  And good for the hips as well! I need to find a way to kick these love handles and my diet is the first place to start!!

Was so good I had to try another flavour and this one really appealed to me. I am so glad I bought it as well. The flavour I can’t even explain how much it tastes like honey! Their yoghurt is just to smooth! That melts in your mouth feeling! No yuck water separation either!!
Honey+ cinnamon organic yoghurt
This crowd favourite is a stroke of genius, if we do say so ourselves. Our organic honey + cinnamon yoghurt is made with just that - fresh as the day organic honey, fragrant cinnamon, organic milk and probiotic bacteria cultures to promote healthy digestion.

At five:am we believe in real food straight up. Only the best natural and organic ingredients go into our premium organic yoghurt. We think this is especially important for growing children; that's why we are proud to be the first to bring organic yoghurt packaged in a handy squeezy pack to the Australian market. Ready for children to enjoy straight from the pack, no spoon required, these packs are perfect for lunchboxes, picnics and snacks on the go.

Where to buy

 I buy mine from Woolworths… YUM!!