Who said periods should be dull, un-pretty or un-fashionable? Whilst sanitary products may be the ultimate female necessity, most products seem to be anything but feminine. Think beauty mixed with fashion, and you’ve got Moxie. Unlike any other sanitary protection products, Moxie’s range of tampons, pads and liners have been created with both convenience, fashion AND femininity in mind. Moxie’s aim is to deliver excellent quality products that are beautifully packaged, that truly satisfy your style, comfort and your love of all things feminine – whatever the time of month.

Moxie has proudly joined forces with The Butterfly Foundation to support Australians with eating disorders and fight negative body image.
Moxie understands that it is about being more than just a pretty face; beauty on the inside is what counts – not what you wear or look like on the outside. Moxie recognises the importance of positive body image, high self-esteem and empowering women to like, accept and respect the unique and special person that they are.

Moxie Tampons
Finally, we no longer have to keep our tampons under wraps! Designed with quality AND femininity in mind, Moxie tampons come in two unique and discreet recyclable purse-worthy tins. To turn perfection into luxury, every Moxie tampon has a Silken Glaze™ coating for easy insertion, convenient twist open wrapper and a bio degradable protective seal with a pretty bow
Moxie tins are also 100% recyclable. (That is if you bear to part with this cute little keepsake. Great for sewing kits, buttons, pins, jewellery, hair ties and hairpins – any tiny treasure you need to keep safe.)

Boudoir Box Refills
If you can’t bear to part with your Moxie tins, its time to top them up! You can now refill your empty Moxie tins with more Moxie Tampons thanks to our Boudoir Box refills. Each packet of Moxie refills contains 32 Moxie twist-open tampons, complete in a gorgeous boudoir box that sits perfectly on your bedroom or bathroom shelf – you can leave your boudoir box at home and refill your tins as you need.

Sleepovers Overnight Pads
Designed with comfort, extra absorption and breath ability in mind, Moxie Sleepovers come in a stylish boudoir box which is perfect for your bedroom or bathroom shelf. Each pack contains 10 ultra-thin yet super absorbent long pads, with wings for added security. All the help you need to get that much deserved good night’s sleep

Slenders Pads
When you’re bloated, have got cramps, and have just gorged a family-sized block of chocolate, its period hell. Now we’re not pretending we can make it better, but we can bring a touch of glam to your worst days.
Designed with comfort, extra absorption and breath ability in mind, Moxie Slenders Pads (with wings!) come with 12 individually wrapped pads, keeping the pads in ready-to-use pristine condition. Packed in a pretty boudoir box, Moxie Slenders come complete with a 100% recyclable purse-worthy tin, perfect for your handbag!

  Scanty Panty Liners
These ultra-thin panty liners are specifically designed for everyday use; they’re ever so slim, you won’t even feel you’re wearing them! If you’re heading out after school or work and don’t have time to go home and change, Moxie Scanty Panty Liners are the perfect accessory to keep you feeling fresh underneath your clothes throughout the day.

                                             Slenders Liners
We should tell you now that this panty liner isn’t going to make you wear white pants and frolic on the beach. Panty Liners, and periods, aren’t that glamorous. But what we can tell you is that we’ve thought long and hard about how we can make your panty liners as comfortable, as convenient and as stylish as panty liners can be.
Comfortable and absorbent yet ultra thin, Slenders Liners are perfect for use during periods, or on those really light days before or after. Each pack contains 24 individually wrapped absorbent liners and a recyclable purse-worthy tin (perfect for your handbag!), in a gorgeous peach candy striped boudoir box complete with a real black bow.

I absolutely adore Moxie’s range and their site. Their wording is so pretty and hip!! I love how it reminds me of a French boudoir how classy their products are. There is also no lies, like with their slender liners its so true just because you put a liner on doesn’t mean you go out and wear white pants (because that is SURE to end in embarrassment.)
But they would rather advertise the fact that they ARE comfortable (would be the most comfortable liner I have worn) and convenient and stylish they are. So they highlight the facts rather then a whole heap of abalone..!!
With the scanty panties, these are GREAT, AMAZING, FABuLOUS for mums looking for that little piece of mind when going out. I know for a fact I wont go out without a liner on, just that piece of mind and hygiene I suppose you could say!!  You can’t even tell you have one on when wearing the Scanty Panty (how cute is the name!!) Where as the Slender liner is more the liner you would wear with a tampon!  I love that all their products can be bought with tins so you can easily store them in your bag without little surprises. I will tell you a really embarrassing story… well when you’re a mum it’s hard to be embarrassed. But we were at a footy open day and then my daughter Hayley who was 3 at the time was going through my bag and pulled out a pad and said as loud as she possibly could “ hey mum is this you tissue for your blood vomit” I could have died there and then!!! So with these tins I have NEVER EVER had any problems with my daughter going through my bag again!!!
Also with all of Moxie’s range  (except tampons of course) They allow you to breath and air out down there!! Nothing worse then waking up during the night all sweaty and yuck when you’re already bleeding like crazy!! YUCK!!! Talking about nights their sleepover pads are awesome, they are not like wearing an adult nappy and they are not like wearing a liner to bed either. They are just the right size to fit in them monthly grundies and sleep comfortable and with a good piece of mind!!
My bottom draw will remained stocked with Moxie ( and my handbag to)
Moxie is perfect for the young ones and the old, its designed for anybody that still has their monthlies or a little piece of mind for those looking for a good liner! I will be recommending these to all mums or just women that ask about that time of month!!!! LOVE MOXIE <3 <3 <3