Skin Juice

The Skin Juice Science… 
a balanced diet for your skin.

Skin Juice is based around all the fruits of nature
Skin Juice uses like minded (bio compatible) ingredients to work with the skin and not against it, to cleanse, balance, repair and protect each biological skin type. These skin loving ingredients are naturally metabolised to provide absorption of essential nutrients, proteins, vitamins and fatty acids.
Skin Juice features pure and organic daily requirements to normalise the skin
No product or ingredient should inhibit the natural flow of oil or excretory process: rather, they should seek to regulate natural oil production, in order to promote balance and strengthen the skins own natural defence system.
Skin health is improved once the skin type is balanced. Oily skin glows without inflamed breakouts, dry skin hydrated and smooth while sensitive skin is strengthened without irritation.

BIO JUICE Hydra Skin Drink
Price (incl gst):         

The macromolecular structure of the polysaccharide forms a defensive, highly moisturising film on the skin’s surface, proven to boost skin hydration. This toning formula harnesses antioxidant benefits of super fruit pomegranate and cranberry to shield the skin against environmental damage while leaving a long lasting moisturising feel.

Skin Health Benefits:


Calm Irritation


Suits: Dry & Sensitive Skin Types

Range Colour Code: Charcoal

Size: 200ml

This is a funky range of skin care that I love.its a really great idea, hey we need to drink so why not give our skins good drink as well. So with skin juice drink it shall.
I tried the hydra tonic, and it really does moisturise your skin while tightening and removing unwanted oils from your pores.
I still moisturise my face after using a toner as they can dry out your skin if used often.
I used to be a wash, dry and moisturise kind on mum. But now I add toning into my routine atleast three times a week. It's so simple to do, it can even be done in the shower if you really want to.
If you have oily skin then you must try a toner to see if it can help your skin.