At Fruit Wise we are committed to producing a superior healthy snack food for everybody to enjoy. We use only the finest quality Australian fruits in our manufacturing process.
With the push to include more healthy choices in the foods we eat Fruit Wise is a complete healthy choice. Each wrap is 100% Fruit and equals one daily fruit portion without any additives.
These products are dehydrated using only air. No chemicals are used. The products are suitable for the majority of the population - children, sports people (cyclists, golfers) travellers (light to carry), diabetics (1 fruit portion) allergy sufferers and asthmatics included..

These fruit snacks are great. They actually taste like fruit and they are easy to pop into your kids lunch boxes or even your hand bag for when the snack bug hits! And one thing I like about dried fruit is you don’t have to worry about it bruising in your bag or kids bags. I know if my daughters banana goes brown she wont eat it! And also with her apples there have been a number of times she bites into a bruised part not noticing until the skin is broken and biting into the brown mushy apple, I personally hate that as well!  It can sometimes even put you off eating the whole apple!
In the box there is a generous amount of straps as well. So you get your moneys worth!!