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FairyLites Minis Crafts
RRP $ 4.99 each

            FairyLites Minis Crafts  come in the following activities:
Rhinestone Mosaic Magnets: Decorate a set of 4 picture magnets with self-adhesive rhinestone shapes. Then display proudly on your fridge.

Glitter Art: Create 3 sparkling scenes. Peel off the adhesive sections and pour glitter over them. Glue your scenes onto your diary or share with your friends!

Shrinky Charm Bracelets: Colour-in up to 6 picture charms. Shrink in the oven! Thread onto elastic with the colourful beads to create 2 bracelets.
Make a Fairy Headband: Apply a fabric flower, self-adhesive rhinestones and rub on stickers to a cute headband. Then wear it proudly!

My daughter had a ball with these, for something so small it kept her amused for at least an hour. And she decorated our fridge at the same time! She is very proud of her masterpieces and shows nearly everybody that comes for a visit what SHE did!! These are really good for creative little ones, or to teach your little ones concentration. They are easily distracted and always wanting to move onto something different!! So you should sit down and encourage your little one to finish one off and then congratulate them! They will be so proud of what the completed, and I’m sure you will be to! My daughter got to try the glitter art, WARNING make sure you put plastic or newspaper or something down as the glitter has the potential to go EVERWHERE!!! And it you have real little ones keep them away!! I also recommend at the end spraying a light coat of hair spray on it, that way the glitter doesn’t come off!!
Hayley also got to try the magnets, and this was by far our favorite!! She did them all in one hit. She had an absolute ball with these.
Colorific has a great range of toys for little ones!

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