Fridge To Go

What is Fridge-To-Go®
    Fridge-To-Go® is a range of cooler bags that keeps its contents cold for up to 8 hours unlike any other product on the market.
    Fridge-to-go uses patented high performing chilling technology Earth-friendly Surround Cooling and is a globally registered trademark.
    Travelling with food and drinks is a breeze with Fridge-to-go® acting as an extension of the home refrigerator and replacing the best cooler bag used at home.
    Completely portable, the bags require no messy ice bricks, batteries or external power source.
Fridge-to-go® bags are durable, collapsible, easily stored, re-usable and environmentally friendly - with bio-degradable panels and containing non-toxic purified salt water.


RRP: $29.95
Colours: Pacific Blue, Red, Black & Pink
- Part of baby, toddler and child range
- Ideal for 0-8 years as a guide
- New slim line lunch design
- Includes removable chilling panel
- Ideal for everyday use
- Great for your complete lunch
- BPA-free, lead and PVC-safe
- Fully collapsible to flat
- Easy-tote handle
- Velcro sealed storage pocket
- Wipe clean with soap & water
- Surround cooling 8 hours
- panel contains 260ml of liquid (purified salt water)
- 18.5W x 8D x 19.5H (cm) - internal measurement

*Note spare panel not included although is recommended so you always have a frozen panel ready to go!

My daughter absolutely loves her pink small lunch bag. This now goes with her to playgroup, on car trips, to the footy!! Absolutely anywhere she goes with food or drink her Fridge to go lunch bag is right there with her!!
I love how the strap is easily adjusted so that either she can carry it over her shoulder or I can even hang it over the back of the pram! Another feature I love is the slim icepack that just slip easily into a zip up compartment in the actual lunch bag, which I think, is great!! You can take it out if you don’t want it in there as well!! I slipped a heat pack in there when I packed my daughter a toastie and it keep warm until she needed to eat it!!! If you are searching for a lunch bag this is perfect, they come in a good variety of colours, most being the little ones ‘“favourite” colours!! The small ones are great for lunches and then they come bigger as well for daddies or mummies lunches!! I am sure if you mummies buy a fridge to go lunch bag you will love it as much as me, none other bags have kept my little ones food cold as long as my fridge to go!  They are also really really easy to clean and wipe out.  The