Beauty Mate

Looking for a range for the daddies?
Offering a fresh, new approach to men's grooming, Beauty Mate was developed by an Australian guy looking for a stylish, yet straightforward range of products that cater for an active lifestyle and the types of conditions that don't do men's hair or skin any favours. Backed by our 'Good on You' money back guarantee, why not give it a go.


Shave gel
RRP Price: $11.95
There are few things worse in day-to-day life than an irritated neckline after shaving, particularly if you're then donning a collared shirt. 

We feel your pain. That's why we've packed Beauty Mate Shave Gel full of aloe vera and natural anti-oxidants plus a fresh, herbal fragrance - to soothe that dreaded redness and tenderness. 

Go easy on your face and switch to a super-close, super-smooth, super-duper shave with Beauty Mate Shave Gel - it's foam free!
Wet face with warm water and massage gel into beard before shaving. Rinse blade often. Apply more water if needed. Rinse face and towel dry.

Shape hair putty
RRP Price $11.95
From the clean, aerodynamic lines of a classic sports car to the curvaceous goodness of creatures equally as precious (and expensive), great shape is easy to appreciate. 

Sculpt, twist, mould and shove even the most infuriating head of hair into a bit of a masterpiece with Beauty Mate fibro Shape. It's got a pleasant citrus/coconut fragrance locked into it, and you won't have to deal with any buildup or stickiness. 

And, if you decide to grow your hair out a little longer, switch to Beauty Mate Form for the same top results.

RRP Price $14.95
Little known fact for you - a top-notch moisturiser can help with both dry and greasy skin. By properly hydrating, nourishing and protecting what lies beneath with ace vitamins (vitamins A, C and E, to be precise) and natural anti-oxidants, but omitting the oily additives, Beauty Mate Moisturiser will leave you with healthier, better looking skin in no time. 

Use daily after Beauty Mate Face Wash for primo results. Contains sunscreen.
After washing with Beauty Mate Face Wash, apply to the face and neck then massage into the skin until completely absorbed. Use daily

This is one for them mummies that buy for daddies. Or just for Daddies themselves!! So it begins, this daddy becomes my little test daddy!! Who would have thought!!!

I love getting close to my partner when he has used all of this. But I love giving kisses now after he has used the shaving gel and finishes off with the moisturiser as he smells almost good enough to eat!  Not to mention if he has used the shaving gel it means no more prickle kisses. And the girls don’t get a rash on their cheeks!! Usually when my partner changes shaving gels he’s left with rashes or even ingrowns. With beauty mate there is none of that, it’s just super gentle on his skin and gets the job done well. My partner said himself that it was a smooth shave!! It also has a very natural masculine smell.

The moisturiser has a soft light musk smell, which really does compliment the shaving gel when used afterwards. My partner was funny about this one when I told him to give it go as he’s always been a manly man and bagged men that moisturise. Well he is now officially one of them men and I cant see him turning back. After me giving him compliments on how good he smelt and then on how smooth his skin was I think his big head grew that little bit more!! Which is fine by me as its true it makes him smell good and keeps his skin smooth!! Its not a thick moisturiser and doesn’t leave him greasy and shiny. If it weren’t for the smell you couldn’t tell he had even used any product!

Its great to know Beauty Mate is sold at Woolworths so I can now pick it up when doing the groceries. Shape Is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G the smell OH EM GEE!!!!!!! Feel like a little high school girl with this one!! I love the way it makes my partners hair smell like coconut!! I do just about anything to get smells from cuddles and kisses to laying next to him!! It smells better then I can explain..!! And with the shape it really does shape his hair really good. He has quite short hair so it isn’t hard to shape!! But it also leaves no yuck residue. Some hair products Matt has used has left his hair looking like he’s walked through a spider web, or just snot looking!! Shape doesn’t take much effort to work into the hair. I will be using this again

Available at Woolworths