Milk baby

Milk baby story::

When my husband, Michael, was developing his range of Milk skincare products for men I was a new mum to our eldest child and pregnant with our second.  I could not find a skincare range for babies that I felt confident enough to use on my very young family.  I decided to develop my own range, based on natural ingredients, and hence, Milk Baby was born.  I wanted to create a product that was affordable, looked good in the home and that was beneficial to the enhancement of wellbeing.”


375ml      $14.95 AUD

Roll up your sleeves and scrub that cheeky bub clean with our all natural body & hair bath time wash.  
Place some bath time wash on a face washer & proceed to wash your baby all over. Bath time wash is also suitable to wash your babies hair with.  it is a gentle formula - to ensure that bath time is a fun, allergy & tears free experience for your baby.

This wash is great, it does not over foam on my daughters body yet if I were to add it to a running bath it would turn it into a little bit of a bubble bath. It also smells great the scent you get is a lavender and chamomile smell as I think they are the strongest fragrance, but it really is a soft mild ‘nautral baby’ smell! I just fell in love as soon as I smelt it!
I also love Milk baby’s funky packaging its so easy to store away yet great looking to leave out on the bench I love it!!

  75mL    $14.95 AUD
An all natural hair detangler, fairy detangler can be used when hair is wet to prevent knots and snares or when hair is dry to improve neatness and add extra shine!

I think my daughter fell in love with this product before me just by the name!! She is slightly obsessed with fairies!! It comes in a 75mL bottle and at first it doesn’t look like much. But this 75ml will go a long way I have used it everyday for the last month and have only just scraped the dotted line up the top. My girls both have curly hair so this is great and make brushing their hair a breeze now!! My daughter used to hate getting her hair brushed but now there is no problem, as she gets to stray her hair with fairies first!!!

What a great baby range ( and even adult to )Their product names are so cute and funky. Like snotty grotty , spotty tots. It’s all in all just a really cute range of baby products! I could have them all!!!!