Liptails was created by Karolina Maksimov, female entrepreneur and Director of Sheigo, and is a reflection of two of her passions fashion and cocktails.  She spent 3 years crafting the unique formula that combines them into one amazing product, without the use of parabens and animal testing.

As a woman juggling a husband, two girls and a business, Karolina believes in the dream of the modern woman and understands the importance of feeling beautiful, sassy and sexy.  This is the story and the message of Liptails: "Not only can we have it all..... we deserve it!".

Proudly 100% Australian made and owned with only the finest ingredients, Liptails truely moisturises and protects the lips while adding a glossy shine.


Watermelon Martini  (6g)
RRP $15.95 on special for $10.95

Juiciness at its finest, the watermelon martini allows you to relax and unwind on a beautiful day in your own backyard.

Pina Colada (6g)

RRP $15.95 on special for $10.95

Soak up the sweet, sensuous rays as the golden sun warms your body and the pineapple-coconut notes cool you on a hot day.

These lip balms are really funky!! They also stay on your lips for a long time. I found through kiddy kisses and all my lips still remained shiny, while popping a shiny kiss mark on the kid’s cheek!! I like how unlike most lip balms, this doesn’t leave your lips all sticky and it definitely doesn’t drip off your lips. It’s just a nice glossy finish. You can choose how glossy you want it as well. If you’re after a subtle gloss apply a fine layer and if you are after that I can see my reflection in your lips look apply heaps. There is no taste to this balm either, so there is no temptation to lick it off. Although you would think by the smell it would taste amazing! The smells are true to their labels; they smell like the real deal. Like getting drunk without the nasty hangover!! These awesome little glosses come in a wide variety of smells (cocktails) such as strawberry champagne, black Russian, sex on the beach, splice and so many more!
I was given the privilege of trying the watermelon martini and the pina colada both which smell divine!! I wore the pina colada and when my partner came home from work and sat beside me he immediately asked what that coconut smell was and I told him my lips. He goes have you been drinking. I said no way. He then went on to smell my breath, realising I was telling the truth!! This is how much they actual smell like cocktails!!!  Theses can make for awesome little presents to, say for a birthday or even for a wedding!!! I love these and can’t wait for their range to grow, which I really hope they do!