Double D


Double "D" is a family owned and operated business and has been an Australian food icon tracing its origins to the early 1920's. It is well known for its range of products derived from Australian 'eucalyptus oils' (where the process of "Double Distilling" which is where our name is derived from!),  and especially our medicated range of eucalyptus drops for people seeking relief from congestion and sore throats. 
The Double “D” brand is also famously recognized for its pioneering development and marketing of a range of “Sugar Free” confectionery being the first in Australia to offer such a range of products.


                   Sugar Free
                  Low Fat
                  No Artificial Colours or Flavours
                  Dental Friendly
                  Low GI
                  Cholesterol Free
                  Gluten Free

You can find these yummy treats at your local Woolworths, Coles, Big W, IGA

Their RRP is $2.39 for the Sugar Free and only $1.99 Honey Eucalyptus

I was lucky enough to try

Eucalyptus and honey drops
Sugar free jelly rounds
Sugar free fruit drops
Sugar free mint chews
Sugar free butter candy drops
Limited edition Jelly Bears

Now who would have thought there was a guilt free lollies out there.
The Eucalyptus and Honey drops are my saviors for the last week, this tickling throat has been terrible at night. Every time I felt a tickle I was sure to pop a drop in my mouth and it really did work a treat! They have just the right amount of both Eucalyptus and honey it is great.
With the Jelly bears my daughter was in sweet heaven, if I had let her I think she would have gobbled these little bears in one sitting. They aren’t like other bears I have had which are really hard, these are nice and soft and chewy. I don’t know how long they will be around for but I hope a long time, as they are great. These would be great for a kids party as it wont send your kids jumping of the walls and it’s a much better alternative to your usual supermarket lollies.
Jelly rounds are exactly the same as wine gums just minus the sugar. Which are great for your little ones and for yourself, and them hips!!! These are great to take with you when you go on a plane, as you eat them your ears wont pop. Well any lolly is but I have been told especially wine gums!!
The mint chews in my opinion taste just like minties but again without all that added sugar. But one thing that is different with these is they didn’t pull out my fillings, they are just chewy enough to not damage the teeth or strain your jaw J
My partner loved the butter candy drops he is a big fan of Werthers originals and said this is what they reminded him of. I didn’t actually try these as he took them to work and they just never came back, wouldn’t surprise me if he ate the packet in the one day!! But hey that’s saying they are good!!! I will be getting these again the next trip to the shop, as I am curious how good these babies really taste.
My favourite out of all the lollies would have to have been the fruit drops. They are a hard candy minus the sugar. And are great for the sweet tooth’s as you can just suck away until it dissolves in your mouth and that fixes the sweet craves.  They are also dentist friendly which really does say something! I would recommend Double D to any mums or dads out there with a sweet tooth but are health conscious!