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On our website you will not only find information about specific Sumabe products, but monographs about the various ingredients – herbs, vitamin, minerals, etc. – that are the foundation of all we do, and a measure of our commitment to quality, efficacy and your right to a genuine choice when it comes to products.

As part of our commitment to a strong health foods industry, Sumabe, where possible does not sell direct to consumers, nor do we actively promote sales direct from this website. Sumabe products are sold mainly through participating quality natural health food stores, pharmacies and health & wellness centres in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Asia.


Leptin Cacao Herbal Blend - Leptin Original Formula Cocoa:
Price $27.00
Our 100% natural cocoa is dried from the finest quality cacao beans. The antioxidant ingredients in Cocoa Hot Chocolate scavenge free radicals and can assist in protecting the cells in the body against oxidative damage. This formulation contains nutrients that are involved in the production of energy in the body and supports daily energy requirements and mental and physical performance. It has tonic and nutritive actions on the adrenal glands which means Cocoa Hot Chocolate is beneficial during times of stress. Cocoa Hot Chocolate also supports healthy functioning of the immune system, supports metabolism, contributes to the maintenance of healthy skin and general well-being.
DIRECTIONS: Take one sachet with 180ml boiled water

Yum yum yum!! You can tell the difference from a good quality cacao to an el cheapo type. It just doesn’t compare to anything I have tasted before and is a class of its own. So smooth and sweet, and you just don’t want your cup to ever end.  Its really great for your immune system since drinking it I have been able to dodge the flu that came and went in this house, which is really good!! Nothing but goodness in this blend.

Leptin Elite Tea
Price $27.00
is a natural green tea based herbal tea. Some benefits from drinking tea include alertness, reduce lethargy and lighten the body, drinking tea for the long term decreases cholesterol and detoxifies the body, promoting good body toneThe several phenolic hydroxide radicals of epicatechin can effectively eliminate free radicals, promote the metabolism of fatty acid, reduce accumulation, inhibit fat absorption, and promote the removal of lipid compounds via the bowel. It effectively restrains the absorption of carbohydrates to prevent excess sugar being stored as fat. In Europe and the United States, Japan and other developed countries, it has been widely used in clinical treatment and health foods.

DIRECTIONS: Steep 1 tea bag in cup with 200mL of boiling water. Consume preferably 30 minutes before breakfast.

I have found a new love for green tea. I used to drink just your plain English tea, but now I have converted to the green tea I do believe. Knowing how many more benefits it has and how good it is for you has also helped me make the switch. I have been looking at different ways to loose weight and who would have thought I could find that in a tea. I will get back to you with the weight loss in a future blog post. But this tea did take some time to adjust to but once I got used to the flavour it just grew on me. Its now a really yummy drink before bed.

Sumabe Hot Chocolate 20 sachets, 200grams - CERTIFIED ORGANIC
Price:  AUD $ 35.00

It’s easy. Just 1 cup keeps the cravings at bay.
Created from the highest quality organic cacao beans, the carefully selected ingredients in Sumabe Hot Chocolate have nutritional benefits to assist in healthy weight management and overall well being. Sumabe Hot Chocolate should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Sumabe Hot Chocolate is an instant style hot chocolate that can supplement your current weight management routine. Designed specifically to satisfy sweet cravings and stem the urge of snacking and help you feel fuller for longer. A saviour for the afternoon or evening or whenever you need it most.

WOWIE what a GREAT hot chocolate!! Ok it comes with a price tag but let me tell you that price tag is worth EVERY dollar!!!! This was the most heavenly hot chocolate, better then your Gloria Jeans or any of them.. This was absolute heaven in a mug!!!! I was so tempted to skull the whole mug, but instead I restrained myself and took in little sips savoring every mouthful. Not to mention it really does only take one cup to stop the cravings that’s it. It kept me going dinner to bed and I didn’t even have my in bed snack at all, which is amazing. I also didn’t go to sleep feeling sickly full either, which is fab!!

Sumabe Green Tea for Slimmers 30 sachet bags, 90grams - CERTIFIED ORGANIC
AUD $ 35.00

It’s easy. Just 1 cup keeps the cravings at bay.

Created from the highest quality organic green tea, the carefully selected ingredients in Sumabe Green Tea have nutritional benefits to assist in healthy weight management and overall well being. Sumabe Green Tea should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Sumabe Green Tea is an instant style coffee that can supplement your current weight management routine.

Again I love how Sumabe has been able to create such an awesome weight loss product line. I am temped to get a whole lot of these and really stick to it so when I do feel the urge I turn to a cup of Sumabe to help me. And keep up regular exercise and a good diet! I will keep a photo diary of the weeks passing and upload them so you mummies can see how I am progressing!! I will also write my meals for that week along with the excercise I do. I have faith the Sumabe can truly help me loose this baby fat that has proven much harder the second time around to get rid of!! L  Again this is almost the same as the other green tea there is really no taste difference. They are both great and I hope that Sumabe can help me on my weight loss journey!