Beautiful You
At Zazi, we care about Your Skin. We have a passion for the skin, and looking after ourselves, and looking after You aswell. We have professionals behind us in all of the range to provide you with education, care and to nuture each and every individual's skin type. We are all about you and making you look and feel beautiful. We pride ourselves in giving you the knowledge to care for your skin and using the Zazi Natural Skincare to nourish your skin to his full potential. 
At Zazi, we will explain to you how your skin functions at a deeper level and ascertain your skin type, provide you with a skincare regime- guiding you through step by step how to maximise results with the skincare and match and recommend makeup colourings to your complexion and features, bringing out the best and most confident You. 
We also have fully qualified Beauty Therapists and Makeup artists on our team to help you out with any questions or queries that you may have, no matter how big or small they are. 
Beautiful You will be a constantly growing section as we will be adding detailed tutorials on applications, styles and techniques.


                              Price: $30.00

Our refreshing primer will give you that dolly finish that we see on models & can also make your makeup last longer.

It is mainly used to even out skin tone and texture on those who may have suffered from the many skin conditions that we are prone to. Acne scaring, pigmentation, large pores, psoriasis.


Warm a pea size volume of product on fingertips and press lightly into skin. Then smooth over lightly to leave skin smooth & refreshed.

                          Price: $35.00
Exfoliate your skin with the softness of jojoba beads and the zing of citrus. WOW what a feeling!!!
The Essential oils which we use help to regenerate and heal skin conditions while the pink clay is great for a deep clean and skin detox. Once you are using this scrub in conjunction with our cleanser, toner & moisturizer you will visibly see a difference in your skin within 3 days, outstanding!
Is used to remove dead skin cells and help keep your pores free from excess oil, dirt and debris.


Use once to twice a week in basin or shower.
Once cleansed, use an amount equivalent to a 10c piece with water and massage into face for 3 minutes, paying special attention to problem areas (t-zone).
Then rinse with water.
Some users may feel a slight tingle - this is normal as Zazi is a highly concentrated product

                              Price: $40.00
Perfect for people who are happy with their skin currently and are looking to maintain balance, health & vitality using an all natural product.

It is enriched with softening and nurturing ingredients like macadamia, sweet almond & our hero jojoba oil. No wonder its one of our best sellers.


Use 1 pump for face and neck. Warm up in hands and then press lightly into your skin.

                             Price: $35.00
There's nothing better than that clean feeling after using a beautiful cleanser on your skin. This lovely refreshing cleanser not only cleans, but softens and hydrates at the same time!

The earthy aromas of our natural preservatives smell divine. The Aloe Vera will help strengthen fragile skins while it is soothing enough for even the most sensitive person.


Dampen face in basin or shower and pour a 10c piece of product onto hands rub together, then softly work all over your skin avoiding the eye area. Rinse with face cloth or water. Repeat if wearing makeup.

               Price: $25.00
This toner is perfect for people who suffer from any form of sensitivity. It is filled with anti-inflammatory ingredients that calm, strengthen & soothe as it carefully tones your skin.


Spray onto a cotton pad and wipe over skin after cleansing to remove excess cleanser and prepare skin for the following products.

Firstly I do love all these products and what they do for your skin, the staff at Zazi are also wonderful and so helpful and informative!

The moisturising oil serum is great. I know when I hair the word serum the first thing that comes to mind is oily!! But no not with this theres just enough in there to leave your skin lightly glowing rather then oily!! It also doesn't block your pores up at all, which I find is great as I can suffer from really bad pimples at the best of times!! So a really good product that I did enjoy using.

I am scared of most facial scrubs as they leave my face looking like I have had it out with a sander. But this was nice and gentle and made quiet a difference to the blackheads on my nose the second time using it.

The toner also has a very fresh smell (main smell you can smell is lavender)  But one thing I love about this toner is that it is spray on. Being a mummy your always short on time so anything that is easy and quick is so much more appealing! So so much easier then having to dab away with a cotton ball!!
Quick and easy just the way I like it and I think most mums will agree!

With the cleansing wash the first thing I loved about it was that it could be used on all skin types. So there is no sitting there wondering what type of skin type you are and then looking for the right type! It also cleans really well my face was actually shiny after using this. But one thing that is always recommended when using a cleansing product is to moisturiser your face as cleaning can dry out your skin over time!
I have used this a couple of times now to remove make up and it’s removed all the makeup each and every time out of your pores.