They are called Charlie’s and they make honest little drinks. When they started making them way back in 99, they figured the right thing to do was use only the freshest, most naturalists of natural ingredients they could lay their hands on!!

AUSTRALIAN MADE AND OWNED.. Their fruit is grown in South Australia.

Honest Juices

Charlies philosophy is simple Produce outstanding OJ using the finest ingredients, without using concentrates. The people of Charlie’s simply pick the best plump oranges squeeze them and bottle them up in their bottling shed.
These are available in 300mL, 500mL, 1L ( apple 300mL only)

My initial thought with these even on the first sip was holy Moses this really does taste like fruit. Most juices these days just taste like some cordial form of juice!! My absolute hands down favorite was the orange + mango juice that was gone in a flash!! When you get orange mango these days the orange is just way to over powering but this was a sweet smooth drink!!
I also tried the orange and then also the apple and I honestly and openly have nothing bad to say. But I will say I dont think you will buy a bottle that tastes the same as the last if its from a different batch. Which really does tell you they use actually oranges and mmmm Lost for words!!

Honest Smoothies

These come in Berry, Feijoa, Mango, Spirulina and Guava.

Again Charlies does not use any concentrate fruit juices and super foods. Instead they prefer to you the wonderful fruit that is on their doorstep to bring us the freshest juice!! And it really shows, you can taste you are drinking real fresh juice!!
I had the pleasure of trying the berry and then also the Spirulina.
These are smooth and you really can taste every fruit that goes in! I love how you can actually taste the fruit isnt watered down soo much! I think every mummy should crack open a smoothie and treat themself for a fraction of a cafes price!! Theses are devine and you can really spoil yourself!

Honest Quenchers

Inspired by the old fashioned lemonades our grannies used to make, our honest quenchers are a simple blend of not from concentrate fruit juices, natural cane sugar and water creating a light and refreshing thrist quencher!
Available in 500mL and 1.5L
The flavours that you can find are lemonade, blackcurrant, mango orange, raspberry, limeade, feijoa, white peach+passionfruit, sicialian blood orange, old fashioned orange lemonade.

I had tried a different brand of lemonade (which I wont mention) and it was nothing like this!! It is like what it reads. I read the description and thought meh nothing compares to my grandmas lemonade. But WHOAH; this reminded me of the old days when my grandma used to boil up and fridge the fresh lemonade. Its a nice bitter rather then a very sour bitter!! I cant believe how your taste buds can take you back to the past. This would have to be the best drink to have on a hot summers day!!

Juice for the little juice lovers.

 Orange and apple juice drink.

This again is not from concentrate, which means no nasties AT ALL are going into our little ones tummies. All that are in these great little pouches are pure water and juice!! THATS IT!!! No added sugar as well!! This is almost to good to be true right?? Well slap yourself silly because there’s no waking up from this dream it is true!! And both my kids LOVED it!! They are in handy little pouches, which are great straight from the fridge. If your kids are like mine you can always throw then in the freezer for a little treat!! Great flavour unlike most kids juices. Which most other kids juices wouldnt touch my lips they are foul and taste of pure water. But you really can taste the REAL fruit juice in these!!!