Moose Geleez

Geleez - the only stickers you can paint, peel and place anywhere to decorate and
personalise your world! Available from Moose Toys.

With Geleez, you can be as creative as you want to
be! Select your stickers from one of the three cool
themes – Nature, Underwater and Funky Fun, paint with the original or glitter style paints and then peel and place on any smooth surface – notebooks, laptops, lockers, lamps, even your walls!

MOOSE IS AUSTRALIAN OWNED, a lot of their products are even designed over here.

For Girls 6+ Geleez are available from all good retailers NOW!!!!

Geleez Scene Pack
RRP $9.99
Start decorating your world with 6 styles available across the three Geleez
themes— Funky Fun, Underwater and Nature. Each pack contains;
·  4 x Sticker Sheets
·  2 x Original Paint Pens
·  1 x Glitter Paint Pen

Geleez 3D Butterfly World

RRP $20
Take your Gelee-fying to a whole new level with 3D stickers!
Includes 3 x 3D Butterflies stickers, 4 x sticker sheets, a Glitter Marbling Tool and NEW Geleez Glitter Paint Pens in pink, purple, yellow and green.

We have just bought a new house and these will now be going straight onto the windows.  Some have already been placed on the mirror in the bathroom now and even on my daughter’s window at the in laws!
From the moment they arrived in the mail my daughter was all over these!! I wont complain as I had loads of fun with these to!! Hayley had an absolute ball making these and felt so proud of herself once they were completed! I don’t know who had more fun her or me!
I love that even if a mess is made its so easy to clean and doesn’t stain! I do believe my daughter even asked me if it was her birthday present, which isn’t even until September, but hey if she wants to think that that is quite alright with me J
One of my daughter’s favorite things now is butterflies which was a great coincidence.  But Moose have a great variety of different Geleez for both boys and girls.
These make for nifty little decorations or even gifts but they are great craft projects for both big and little people.