At Echolife they believe in wellness and restoring health by detoxifying and nurturing the body, mind and spirit.
They define their mission as the search for the purest and best quality yet affordable products to maintain health and wellbeing. They sell only products we have tested and use ourselves: it is the only way we can recommend our products whole-heartedly to our customers, friends and families.
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Natural vegetable-based cleansers (derived from fermented coconut and sugar) leave skin clean and soft. Moisture-rich highly-concentrated organic rosehip seed oil nourishes skin with essential fatty acids, vitamins A and E and powerful antioxidants. Your skin is left naturally replenished, smooth and silky. Organic fair-trade rose extract brings added balance and glow to the skin, and leaves it supple and delicately fragranced with a beautiful tantalising floral aroma.
Weleda Creamy Body Washes are suitable for everyday use.

I have no idea why, I think I watch to much Tv with the kids, but this reminds me of Dorothy the Dinosaur and her rosy tea and rose bushes!! It smells like you have just shoved your face in a rose bush.. Maybe more like taking a stroll in a rose garden!! And its great knowing that your washing with something that is veggie based not chemical filled!! Also it’s a great piece of mind knowing its fair trade, so no poor famer or anything like that has been ripped off in the making of this product!!

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Talinga Grove Bath Syrup is blended by hand at the Grove using the Grove's own Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Pure Iceland Moss extract and essential oils are added to leave the skin softened, smooth and purified.  
Talinga Grove is Australian Made and Owned
Suitable for:
All skin types
All natural
Not tested on animals
No paraben

I didn’t want to put this in my bath as the thought of swimming in olive oil just reminded of cooking!! And bath and cooking just don’t go!! Well I’m glad I did. Usually I wont even put baby oil in the girls bath as it leaves their skin disgustingly oily even with a few drops!! But this really didn’t, was enough to coat your skin and hydrate. Another thing I will mention is it also smelt great, far from the olive oil I use in cooking! This is taking relaxing in the bath to another level… Just wish I had a spa bath now!!

I will also add that Echolife has a wonderful range of products like this Weleda wash and The Talinga grove syrup and so much more. Im sure you will find something for every body in there, from mummy to daddy and even baby. They have so much I got go nuts and blow the credit card easily!! So I recommend you mummies have a look. There’s something for every budget from the expensive down to the bargains! They don’t only stock skincare and body care but also things like cleaning products, supplements, kitchenware and so many more things!!