piCture pOlish

was created when two girls dreamed of a beautiful gift that would capture a special occasion.
What better way to relive a moment than with a personalised nail polish.
That was quirky & vibrant that stands out from the rest!

has grown to include our own brand.
 With an extensive range of fashion forward colour you will find a shade for every occasion.
Every shade tells a different story inspired by you our wonderful customers


Please note: Sparkle will require longer drying time
Keep your piCture pOlish away from heat, flame & children
Always shake your piCture pOlish gently before use
Apply 1 to 2 coats or how you like it

I was lucky enough to try both the fairy floss shade and the sparkle shade

For the sparkle

For the fairy floss

RRP $9.50 per bottle
They also have some funky clearances in the goodbye tab on the left of their page

These are amazing, and have to be the only nail polish I have come across that is MADE IN AUSTRALIA!!!
It goes on nicely and if you use a good undercoat and topcoat it lasts a long time as well!! I had mine on for three days before it chipped, and that was not base or top coat, Im not talking your average three days either. Im talking cleaning, washing ,kids, playgroup my nails went through the lot!! And its not very often I find a nail polish that lasts the dishes. After I wash it usually all comes away and started to get brittle and chip!! But picture polish withstood the tests!! A all in all great nail polish. If you suss out their store you will find an awesome variety of colours. And they are forever changing and keeping up with the seasons! So it definitely is worth a look in!