Tucker's Natural

The Tucker’s Natural Gourmet Cracker, Dessert Biscuit and Multifibre Snack ranges have been created by the Tucker family, drawing on over 30 years combined experience in the international food industry.
Passionate about premium quality, authentic, natural Australian-made food and brought up with entertaining as an integral part of their family culture, the Tuckers felt there was a need to produce a range of modern, all-natural products that met the continually growing expectations of the educated modern consumer.
What makes us different?  We don’t just listen to our customers, we change our products to meet their needs.
100% natural, handmade, yeast and preservative free - all Tucker’s Natural products are made from only the freshest and finest local raw ingredients so you can see and taste the real flavour and goodness in every bite.
From their distinctive shape to the authentic handmade production process and beautiful presentation, all our Tucker’s Natural products have been thoughtfully made with family values that promote quality and transparency and offer even the most discerning consumer a natural modern entertaining solution.


Savoury Crackers

Available in retail and food service formats in five luscious varieties

Caramelised Onion
Four Cheese & Chives
Coriander & Cracked Pepper
Poppy Seed
Rosemary & Rock Salt
With more exclusive varieties to follow, order your Tucker’s Natural Crackers today and enjoy real food that is naturally better for you.
Gourmet Dessert Biscuits


Dessert Crackers
A sweet savoury sensation, the range is available in retail and food service formats in 4 indulgent varieties:
and unique varieties to follow, order your Tuckers Natural Dessert Biscuits today.

And the multi fibre range

I could blab on about these awesome little biscuits for hours. But I will try and keep it a brief review while covering everything!!
The savoury biscuits were great I ate them as snacks, they also go great with a yummy dip. My partner also took them to work for smoko. And my daughter took them to playgroup; all the kids shared them there as well. And I was asked so many time where we got them!! My partner’s fav savoury one was the four cheeses and chives; he ate the whole box alone!
I also had a get together on and put out a box of the poppy seed and a box of the rosemary and rock salt! They were all gone, by the end of the night ( I just made a home made dip and every body loved it) You could also easily pop these into the kids lunch boxes for morning snacks or even a good snack for them to come home to! 

Also I will highlight the chocolate desert biscuit goes amazing with a hot chocolate or coffee, just melts away in your mouth! But they are all really yummy. After eating the savoury I didn’t think these would be any good as they look exact the same. But no they are actually really nice. They are not a rich sickening flavour just a light flavour.

I love how Tuckers HANDMAKE their biscuits, just makes it so much more worth the price!! And I also love they are baked not fried, so better for your hips!!

They also have an awesome section with recipes and great tip and ideas!!