At Unico Hair their philosophy is to create a product that is near enough to natural as possible, being completely chemical free and not harmful to hair. Furthermore, they emphasise that all our products are good for the environment and made in Australia.

With over 20 years experience with hair, the Unico Hair range's designers know what it is that makes a good hair care product, whether it be your typical day to day maintenance shampoo, or your specialised product designed to deal with specific hair problems. All our products have been perfected and are guaranteed to bring successful results since our staff can also provide precise instructions and determine which product would benefit the individual

Maintenance Shampoo & Maintenance Conditioner
 RRP $21.00 per bottle
These products are so versatile they can be intermixed with any of the shampoos or conditioners in the Unico Hair range. It is gentle enough to use daily without being too rich in moisture.

This shampoo and condition work just fine!!
They smell really minty, which is for some but for me I don’t really like it!! But with saying that I am really picky with smell as you guys would have noticed!!
So instead of just sitting on the shelf I gave it to my mum to try. She is a load of funs to use as a tester because while liking a lot of things she is also very honest like me!! She loved the smell, and said after using it her head almost had a soothing tingly feeling to it!! She also said it actually helped her psoriasis! A lot of products make it flare up or just sting certain parts of her hair but this just didn’t at all!! Mum is still enjoying this product to this day!! But it does leave your hair really shiny and nice!

Their web page is http://unicohair.com.au/
To buy their range simply go to http://www.adorebeauty.com.au/unico.html