Little Innoscents

The Little Innoscents Story  
When I fell pregnant with my first baby (Alex, now 5) I looked for baby products that were chemical free, and was so disappointed to find such a limited number of products, which were often difficult to find, too expensive, or offered misleading information that I just couldn’t trust.

I was so tired of ‘pretend organic’ companies misleading consumers with clever marketing which enabled them to promote ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ claims without really having formulations that abide by this claim.

So of course I did what any mum would do - I decided to make my own range that meets with all my expectations! It was a little bit crazy, but something I was incredibly passionate about. I made it my mission to provide consumers with a natural, safe skincare product for babies that can effectively treat stressful skin conditions.

I started by making creams by myself in the kitchen. I drew on my studies and experience in health therapies (Remedial Massage and Aromatherapy) and after a long 10 months of trial and testing I formulated a nappy rash cream, massage lotion, massage oil, body powder, body and hair wash, vapour rub balm and organic soap. This range can also successfully treat a wide range of childhood health and skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.

As we grew I outsourced all my manufacturing and had the product range certified by one of the world's leading organic certification bodies – Australian Certified Organic (ACO),  I’m proud to say today I am on the Committee Board of BFA Cosmetic Advisory Group.

It was really important to me to have the Little Innoscents range Australian Certified Organic, because it makes a statement about who Little Innoscents is… it means everything to us and gives our consumers the assurance that our products have been manufactured and handled according to strict guidelines - completely free of chemicals.

Today the Little Innoscents range is stocked in over 600 stores nation wide. It is available at Priceline, health food stores, pharmacies and most recently Thomas Dux organic grocers.

Little Innoscents Travel Purse   

For the stylish mum!


This gorgeous travel purse features beautifully presented organic babycare products from the Little Innoscents range in a compact size.

Made with essential oils that not only smell divine but also effectively help with delicate skin, this is perfect as a luxurious gift for the expectant mum, or for slipping into your nappy bag when travelling.

A great way to try out 100% natural, organic skincare for baby


All-in-one Body & Hair Wash, Nappy Change Cream, Moisturising Lotion and a Vapour Rub Balm

I love all in ones. They make so much more sense for little ones!! Better then having three bottles to do the same job. Little innocents has a nice fresh natural smell! This wash works great, a lot you will find on the market is really good to wash their bodies but leaves their hair knotty and just the sticky feeling!! Well this washes their little bodies great and also leaves there hair silky and clean.

The nappy change cream Is great. It’s not thick and hard to spread. I also love the fact that Little innocents don’t use Zinc, as personally I don’t like this!! And it smells really pleasant!! The packing is a funky bright yellow colour, which is really appealing in my opinion!
It lasts through to each nappy change as well which is really good, unlike other with one wee it is washed away!! My daughter has been struggling with nappy rash since birth as she’s teething and has been for a very long time the poor thing. So I need to change her more often and keeping her protected. Which this is doing a great job of! And another thing that is great they use organic products!!

The Vapour rub cream could not have come at a more better time. All the kids are sick and they are not sleeping well! I use this on the girls after their bath and before they go to bed! I even pop some on their feet and then put sock on them. From struggling to breath at night I have heard a change in their breathing! The rub is helping quite a lot to get them through the flu season!
I must admit I even I used some on my chest and actually popped a little bit into my nose to clear me up before I go to sleep! This is great stuff!!

I am a true believer in always using a moisturiser on bubs after they get out of the bath as I am scared that being in the bath It will easily dry out there delicate little bodies. The amount of junk that comes out of our taps these days is another reason to moisturise your little one, chlorine is also a big skin dehydrator! The smell is also nice a natural, so sweet but more low-key fresh essential oil smell! You can really smell the lavender and ylang ylang in this! Well my nose can anyway!!

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