ECOdirects story 
ECOdirect was started by Sinead Roberts and Sioned Guard with the aim of offering Australian parents an environmentally and baby friendly nappy, Moltex Oko, not previously available on the Australian nappy market. As our customers grew to love the quality and eco credentials of the Moltex nappy they asked for complimentary products of an equally high standard and with all natural ingredients. And so WOTNOT Naturals was born and continues to grow with the feedback and requests from our customers.
We are passionate about honouring the following core values:
Loyalty to our customers, employees and suppliers
Excellence in all that we do
Listening to our customers and being flexible to their needs
Care and respect for the planet we will pass on

The lovelies at ECOdirect allowed me to try some of their wotnot products. When receiving my package I noticed the care they take in ensuring the products make it to you safely. I am also certain if something didn't then they would fix this right away. They are a great company that I will be going to in the near future.


WOTNOT Bio Baby Wipes - 80pk
Price: $7.95
100% biodegradable and compostable. Enriched with Australian certified organic aloe vera to gently cleanse even the most delicate skin. 100% chlorine free.
Now available in NEW and IMPROVED packaging.

I love the soft packing of these, they are a gret must have for the baby bag. Or when I am just heading for a quick trip somewhere I will pop these in my bag with a nappy. There just so easy to store anywhere!! I accidentally kept the packet open after a nappy change, and it would have been like that over night! I went to use them in the morning and they didn’t dry out one bit!!       I also love that they are enriched with Aloe Vera so that it helps my little one with her nappy rash and doesn’t sting her one bit when coming into contact with her skin! Another great thing with these wipes are they are biodegradable and compostable, so it is 100% safe to pop them in the compost rather then throwing them in the bin!! I hate making rubbish I feel so guilty, so these are great and have encouraged me to make a little compost bin in the back yard (hopefully this will attract worms for when we go fishing, and keep the soil full of nutrients)

WOTNOT Baby Lotion
 150ml    Price: $14.95
100% natural, pure and gentle lotion enriched with certified gmo-free vitamin e and certified organic jojoba oil which most closely resembles baby's natural oils.   Certified by ACO.    

WOTNOT lotion also contains certified organic flaxseed oil which is one of nature's richest sources of omega-3 and omega-6. Omega-3 is considered essential to human health but cannot be manufactured by the body.

ECOdirect did have a buy one get one free promotion on but I am unsure how long this was on for. 
I love using this on Madison’s skin, as I just love to smell it! Everyone without fail will say how great she smells when they hold her. So it’s not just me that loves the smell. Now besides the smell being great, the product itself really works well. I only have to apply this after Madison’s morning bath and sometimes in the evening just to relax her before bed! It really hydrates your little ones skin while being super gentle! And you can have a great piece of mind knowing what you are putting on your babies skin is 100% natural!! I will admit I have used this a couple of times on my legs. In the winter I am one of them mummies that suffers from very dry skin on my legs and this works a treat ;)

WOTNOT Baby Wash - 250ml
Price: $14.95

100% natural to delicately wash baby from top to toe, enriched with certified gmo-free vitamin e and certified organic rosehip and sweet orange oil. Also contains certified organic flaxseed oil – one of nature’s best sources of omega-3 and omega-6.  Include a tablespoon under running bath water to create a natural bath of bubbles for older kids! 
I love this baby wash that also doubles as a bubble bath. It is very gentle on bubs skin and didn’t leave a rash at all. All it left was a lovely light clean smell on her skin! It also kept her skin moist and moisturised after using, so it didn’t clean away all her natural skin oils! It is also very gentle on their eyes, my daughter was being silly and it rubbed into her eye, I wont lie she did cry a tiny bit but I rinsed it out and that was it! Her eye didn’t even end up red!

WOTNOT Baby Bath & Massage Oil - 60ml
Price: $10.95

ACO Certified with flaxseed oil to provide essential omega-3 and omega-6,  calendula to help heal wounds, soothe itch, nourish and regenerate and vitamin e to help reinforce the defensive skin mantle

I love to give the girlies their nightly massage before bed, especially Mads when she’s grumpy and fed up.
WotNot’s massage oil is great and last for a long time on their skin when massaging so there’s no need for a top up, but as soon as you are done it soaks in to their skin nicely so they are not left little grease balls!
I also love that if you add a few drops to their bath there is no need to moisturise their skin when they get out as it leaves them all moisturised. It also smells really pretty and it’s a light scent that just lingers. Very good value for money, with each use you only need a fewe drops!