Organic Rosehip Skincare

About Organic Rosehip
Due to Nancy Evens son's skin allergy caused by harmful chemicals in the environment, Nancy Evans has produced a range of Organic Rosehip natural skin care products for every day use.
Nancy Evans' Certified Organic Rosehip Vitamin C skin care formula is unique in the world. It is produced in small batches, to ensure freshness and quality. The oils contain no chemical solvents and are all cold pressed naturally, to keep the nutrients active. Organic Rosehip Oil is very beneficial for all types of skin. It has a high content of vitamin C, in the form of essential fatty acids. It contains 77% linoleic & linolenic acids. EFA's have a very important function in preventing damage to skin tissues. They also help to counteract the drying effect of the sun, which creates fine lines on the face.
Organic Rosehip luxurious herbal skin care helps to assist with skin hydration, benefits eczema, helps to improve the tone and texture of the skin, replenishes moisture and revitalises the appearance of your skin, leaving it softer with a healthier more radiant look. Organic Rosehip Herbal Skin Care will benefit: (All skin types) Wrinkles, Sun Damaged & Dry Skin, Spots, Scars and Acne. It will counteract the damage caused by dry office environments and polluted air. It will promote a youthful look, benefit eczema, aged skin and is suitable for babies and those with sensitive skin.

Organic Rosehip Facial Scrub
Organic Rosehip Facial Scrub is rich and luxurious, giving your face a deep and gentle cleanse to remove dead skin cells. It exfoliates and moisturises, leaving your complexion clean, refreshed and healthy looking.

I am scared of most facial scrubs as they leave my facelooking like Ive had a fight with a sander! But this was nice and gentle while still managing to do its job. It got rid of a lot of black heads I had around my nose area after the second scrub.

Organic Rosehip 7 Precious Oils

$ 52.00

Organic Rosehip 7 Precious Oils helps to hydrate and improve the tone and texture, whilst moisturising and revitalising the skin. Your skin will feel softer and smoother with a healthier and more radiant  glow. Carefully selected organic plants, flowers, herbs and essential oils are blended together to give maximum results in improving the skins youthful appearance. This exquisite oil is rich in Vitamins C, A, B, E and minerals, and is a natural anti­oxidant for your skin.
Benefits: Dry skin, burns, cuts, scars, spots, acne and sun damaged skin

This has a strong smell of lovely fresh herbs. It keeps your skin feeling smooth and soft through out the day if you apply a couple of times during the day! I love the way your skin feels immediately after applying, although the smell just isn’t my kind of smell. But that’s not to say it’s not for you. I am very picky when it comes to scents and I either love it or hate it!! My mum loves the smell of this though!!

 Organic Rosehip Gel Mask 60ml
$ 47.91 $ 67.00

Organic Rosehip Ageless Gel Mask is a deep cleanser, excellent for drawing out impurities from underneath the skin. A rich combination of organic powders gives you the perfect re-mineralisation to nourish the skin cells. Helps to firm and tone the skin leaving it smooth and silky & looking years younger.
Benefits: Helps all skin types, especially mature skin, by reducing wrinkles for a smoother looking complexion. It is also great for acne, skin blotches & blackheads

The gel mask, oh how I love facial masks!! They have got to be one of my favorite things to do!! This gel mask is awesome, it makes your skin… well face feel like a statue when it starts to dry. Or like you have just had botox and cannot smile! It really does tighten up four face and you can really feel that to! Once you wash the mask off (which is easy to do, just use water) your skin feels fresh and soft like a babies bottom!!
Its also safe to say you can easily use this just once a week as its affects last a couple of days. I know for me if I use to much face products my skin really dries out!

Organic Tinted Moisturiser - Natural 30ml
$ 47.94 $ 63.50

Organic Tinted Moisturiser is a mineral based tinted moisturiser which has been carefully blended to make your skin look evenly toned. We use only the highest quality organic derived minerals. It is rich in pearl & silk powders and enhanced with organic rose oil, organic vanilla and earthy oxides.
Benefits: Your skin will breathe easier, whilst having a smooth and soft appearance. This product helps to achieve a silky complexion, leaving you with a natural glow.

The tinted moisturiser is really light and just what you need when you want a simple light cover up. It covers up your blemishes while still letting your skin breath and leaving it moisturised.

Organic Magnesium Detox & Relaxing Gel 140ml
$ 45.00
Organic Magnesium Detox & Relaxing Gel contains deep seawater magnesium, which is one of the most important minerals that have been depleted from our bodies. It helps to rejuvenate, detoxify and eliminate the build up of heavy metals. The best way we can efficiently absorb magnesium is through the skin, making you look and feel great. This gel relaxes sore and tired muscles when massaged into specific painful areas.
Benefits: Muscle spasms & cramps; sore & tired muscles; stress; depression; strengthens nails & hair.

I used this gel on my back after a shift of work, I work casual shifts doing catering at a racecourse! And after a shift my back absolutely aches. Sometimes I can’t even get to sleep. But I got my partner to apply some after I finished work and I went to sleep nicely! I will be using this on my stomach soon to see if it helps my stomach spasms… well see!!

Organic Rosehip Cleansing Lotion 80ml
$ 35.00
Organic Rosehip Herbal Cleansing Lotion cleanses, purifies and tones the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and revitalised. It is excellent for removing make-up, whilst moisturising the skin. We recommend that you then use our Facial Toner, followed by our Rosehip 7 Precious Oils and finishing with our Organic Rosehip Luxurious Cream, on a daily basis.
Benefits: All skin types. Gives a deep cleanse for removing all impurities from the face and neck. It may also be used as a shaving cream. The cleanser will not burn the eyes

And if you want a clean face everyday without the harsh chemicals and nasties I would recommend giving the cleaning lotion a go. Is nice and soft on your skin and comes out like a milky lotion texture It’s really gentle on the skin while still cleaning away all the dirt and gunk from the day!! I like this cleansing lotion quite a lot!!