Abs Honey

Our Vision

AB's Honey will always stand by our Logo . "From Hive To You". We seek to provide natural, beautiful tasting Honey to you.

Our Mission

As parents, our commitment to producing a quality natural product is paramount. To keep our honey as close as possible to the nectar bees gather, minimal heat is applied to allow filtering. This ensures a quality honey product is maintained 'From Hive to You', the consumer.

LEATHERWOOD honey is produced by bees from the nectar of the leatherwood Eucryphia lucida flower.
Leatherwood honey is slightly liquid with uniform crystalisation, a smooth creamy texture and an ochre-yellow color.. The flavor is clean and fresh, very balsalmic, with lightly spicy notes in its long finish.

TEA TREE honey light murky coloured honey has an intense and sumptuous aroma of rose, musk and licorice with a chewy, jelly-like texture, making it one of the most luxurious of all honeys. It’s a much thicker type of honey!

IRON BARK HONEY  has a very sweet  almost buttery kind of taste to it! This certain type of honey is great for drizzling over things. Especially my favorite, PANCAKES!!

MACADAMIA HONEY is a sweet honey made by honey bees using nectar from our macadamia flowers. It is a very deeply flavoured and coloured honey showing a complex aroma of malt, caramel and light soy sauce. The malty flavours continue in the mouth along with some fruity notes. Would be great in a cup of tea! You can actually really taste the macadamia in this honey!!

I never knew how different certain types of honey could have tasted. It’s amazing!! Some honey people will love certain types while other wont like it.
For example the tea tree honey just wasn’t for me, it reminded me of medicine. It is also a very thick textured honey!! But like I said some will love it while others wont!!

My favorite of all the honey would have to have been the iron bark honey, very very YUUMM in a cup of tea or on my pancakes!! So smooth and sweet and just goes down a treat! There’s no bitter or funny after taste. And its just so golden.  I now know what they call honey natural gold because it really really is!! Nothing better to beat these winter blues then with a nice cup of herbal tea with a good quality honey like Ab’s. And knowing hard work goes into these jars of honey from Aussie bee farmers makes it all the better!