StreetStar cosmetics

Ultra diamonds 102
Ultra Shine Volume Lip Gloss

StreetStar is Melbourne based and Australian Owned.

The team at StreetStar Cosmetics believe that fashion and make up are interrelated. One cannot exist without the other, Therefor we have created colours that follow the current fashion trends in Australian and overseas.

All StreetStar products are hypoallergenic and not tested on animals. All products are highly enriched with vitamins and natural oils.

This lip-gloss has a great long lasting finish. And the shine is really pretty. I wore this to a function and my lips were just so blingy! And I had a couple of compliments and even my friend wanted to use some. I am also pretty sure she has already been to the link down below to get her own!! I love how it has the little paintbrush to apply, makes it so much easier!! It also has a really nice melon smell to it! It is really easy to wipe off as well. If need be, doesn’t stain or anything. This is another one that fits in nicely in a clutch (it lives in mine!!). A very glamorous and professional lip gloss at a really good price!!!

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