Carmans Muesli bars are nutrient rich bars which prodice a unique balance of carbohydrates and protein. They are also very yummy. There are 7 different varieties of muesli bar, and 2 varieties of muesli bites.


There flavours are
Origanal fruit free
Classic muesli
Apricot and almond
Deluxe Gluten free
Dark Choc, Cranberry and almond
Dark Choc, blueberry superfood bars
Yoghurt, Apricot and Almond
They also have a variety pack.

Then their bites are

Apricot muesli
Fruit muesli!

I was soo lucky and got to try these amazing products. I have already stocked up my cupboard with these flavoured filled snack bars!! I love them to death and so do my kids and partner!! My partner has always loved a good muesli bar and tends to break them up in a yoghurt cup and eat them that way!!  He really liked all the bars I gave him!! I bought a variety pack and not one was left behind!!
My daughter even asks for a bar for playgroup which is unusual, I usually just pack whatever in there but now she’s requesting certain things go in there!
If I were to pick a favourite it would have definitely have to be the dark chocolate and cranberry. Just the flavour that bursts into your mouth is amazing. It always hits the hunger spot as well!
And if you were to ask my partner what was his favourite he would say hands down the yoghurt, apricot and almond bar was his!!
If I could tolerate nuts then I would have been certain to try this as it just smelt so yummy, and looked so tempting!


Are available in most Coles, Woolworths and IGA’s
To find a store near you just head to