Go Natural

Go Natural is a 100% Australian owned family business. Our products are made right here in Victoria!

We choose to source our key ingredients such as almonds, macadamias, peanuts and honey from Australian producers. By sourcing our ingredients close to our manufacturing plants it means we also reduce the food miles of our products.

With Australian manufacturers closing down every week, we're proud to be producing right here in Australia, using Australian ingredients and providing livelihoods for close to 100 Australians.

With so many of our competitors being foreign owned and made we feel you should know what you are putting in your trolley....


Fruity Bites 180g
 $5.99 in Coles and Woolworths, but you can get them on special from time to time.

Go Natural Fruity Bites are bite sized taste sensations made from dried and concentrated fruits,
free from preservatives with added non-dairy calcium for a nutritious fruity snack.
Gluten Free
Preservative Free
High in Non Dairy Calcium
Made from Real Fruit
Low Sodium

My daughter loved this as her playgroup snack. Weirdly enough she started dipping them into yoghurt. I though it would be gross but I got sucked in and she popped one in my mouth. Surprisingly it was actually really yummy. Something I would have craved when pregnant as I lived off yoghurt! But they are well priced and you get plenty of packs in a box. Our favourite was the strappleberry!! 

Yoghurt Almond & Apricot - 40g
RRP $1.59

Gluten Free
Caffeine Free
Low Sodium
No Artificial Colours or Flavours

Go Natural Yoghurt Almond & Apricot bars are packed with whole crunchy almonds, apricots and coconut, sweetened naturally with honey and coated in luscious tangy yoghurt. Decadently Natural.

Well my partner and me fought over this one as this is his favorite combo, he won and I said only if I can have a bite. Well that bite never came I went to put Madison in bed and then came back the bar was gone!! On the up side he said it was very tasty and yum. He then went on to tell me to get more for him for work!! Yeah right if I buy more he wont get his mits on them this time!! Sneaky little bugger!! So to sum this one up its yum and ….. can be stolen if you don’t look out!!

Almond Cranberry - 50g
 RRP $1.89

  Gluten Free
Low Sodium
High in Fibre
Cholesterol Free
Naturally high in the anti-oxidant Vitamin E
 An all natural good source of Iron & Folate

Packed with widely recognised Superfoods – almonds, seeds, cranberries – a natural nutritional boost.

This one I had ALL to myself!! Try as he may he wasn’t getting ANY of this. And I ate the whole lot!! It’s so fruity and nutty at the same time, but both the almond and cranberry really compliment each other!! This is a bar that I will be buying again and maybe just MAYBE my hubby can have a try!!

Nut Delight – 40g
 RRP $1.89
Gluten Free
Low Sodium
High in Fibre
Goodness of Nuts
No Artificial Colours or Flavours

Go Natural Nut Delight bars are a delicious combination of peanuts, almonds,
walnuts, brazil nuts, naturally sweetened with honey.

Well my partner is a nut lover … hahaha sounds so wrong but meant in the nicest way!! Me not so much it tends to react with my irritable bowel ( to much info I know) But basically  try and keep clear of eating nuts if I can unless I feel I need to get things moving through my stomach and what not!! But he really enjoyed this bar and loved how you could really taste the honey, unlike other bars the honey just tastes like sweet sticky stuff!! When he opened the bar as well, it was a really pleasant honey and nut smell!!

 Fruitnut Choc Macadamia – 40g
 RRP $1.89

      ✔ Gluten Free
                 ✔ Preservative Free
              ✔ No Added Sugar
          ✔ High in Fibre  
        ✔ No Trans Fat
    ✔ No Sodium
               ✔ Cholesterol Free
    ✔ Dairy Free
            ✔ Vegan Friendly

More fruity than nutty…
is the best way to describe this new style soft eating fruit and nut bar.
Delicious fruits combining macadamia and almond pieces with cocoa powder for a tasty choc snack.

Again the nuts and me just don’t agree. But my partner is a big fan. He absolutely loved this bar, he recommended maybe adding some mint in there to mix it up. He LOVES choc mint things! But he really did like it lots. I was a little sneaky and had a bite as it just smelt so delish! This one will find its way back into my partners work lunch box again!! As it hits the spot and fixes that little hunger bug!!