Australian Owned

Cocobella is a light and refreshing beverage made from the water inside young green coconuts.

100% natural electrolytes- potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium and phosphorous
More potassium than a banana.
3 times more electrolytes than sports drinks
zero fat, zero cholesterol and zero preservative.

If you or the kids get a spell of gastro this is the best drink to get you feeling better and quickly hydrating you!!

Great great GREAT  hang over cure!! It is also great for when you are really dehydrated or not getting enough fluids in. I would have to say the plain flavoured coconut water isn’t really my fave although it makes amazing cocktails!! And is really yummy frozen!!! My all time favourite is Cocobella’s coconut and pineapple. So refreshing, I can’t wait for summer to come to stock up on this stuff. I think I will be living on it when we head to Queensland as I love the beach and it dehydrates you quickly. I tried the guava one as well as the plain coconut one in the freezer and it was so good and will be even better come summer. You just cut the top off with a knife. I also love the shape of their bottles, something new and different.
I didn’t actually try the mango one my partner did and it really up his alley  and he didn’t like it. But with any coconut water you either love it or you don’t its that simple. And it really is an acquired taste! But I quiet like it and Cocobella goes alright J Two thumbs up 

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