Botáni - Life for my skin
Welcome to the Botáni Spirit! Australia’s leading innovative natural skin care brand and advocate for healthy skin, created by a caring Naturopath.
Botáni is passionate about delivering authentic, premium, quality, green skin care solutions, with proven efficacy and safety. Botáni’s natural skin care allows your skin to breathe and function naturally.

Botáni utilises natural and organic active ingredients which are skin friendly, petrochemical free and derived from sustainable sources, offering customers reliable, authentic and genuine natural skin care. As a leading provider of natural skin care, Botáni is committed to treating the skin and optimising skin health. Botáni provides natural skin care solutions to assist with premature ageing, sensitive, problem, dry and devitalised skin conditions. All Botáni treatment focused natural skin products are formulated to address skin issues and imbalances.


Olive Skin Serum 15ml
AUD $31.95

Natural moisturiser, Cell rejuventator, Antioxidant
100% plant based and formulated with pure squalene derived from olives.
What is unique about Botáni’s Olive Skin Serum?
It features a key “active” ingredient, Olive Squalene. No other ingredient in nature can replicate so perfectly, your skin’s natural moisturising and protective properties.
Did you know that Squalene is produced in your skin? Olive Squalene resembles the Squalene naturally produced in your skin; your skin’s own moisturiser.
Dehydration, sensitive skin and flaky skin, sun damage, rosacea, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, skin prone to scarring, lightening freckles and pigmentation, devitalised, life less skin.

I get really bad psoriasis on my head and neck. Sometimes my arms If I am unlucky. I applied this and it actually brought a lot of moisture back to my skin and helped with the flakey look I get. It also took away the need to itch! I also thought that it wouldn’t smell nice at all. But the smell didn’t bother me at all. Once its applied you cant smell anything! I love the dropper is comes with to, makes it fun and easy to use!! I kinda felt like a doctor with this one! So if there is anyone with psoriasis like me out there I recommend trying this to see if it helps your condition at all! I know with mine even a little bit of relief feels like a lot!!

Olive Hand Cream 100g
AUD $24.95
Non-greasy, nourishing and healing
Treat your hands to something special and luxurious every day. Enriched with olive Squalene, Jojoba oil and Vitamin E, your hands will be left hydrated and nourished so your gentle touch will always be soft and smooth whatever your day has in store!
Formulated with natural plant extracts Olive Hand Cream is gentle yet effective in soothing, nourishing and protecting our hands from the effects of harsh soaps and detergents that strip our skin of vital oils.

This is actually in my hand bag as we speak! After cleaning the house and washing the dishes, my hands get really dry. When I rub them up against something it feels like sandpaper. Its really gross and if I let it go, then it even starts to crack and sting! SO now whenever I get the sand paper feeling I just apply this to my hands and it goes away!! It doesn’t leave your hands oily and slippery as well which is great! Every time my daughter Hayley hears the lid pop she asks for some!! Its great value for money! I used this numerous times a day and it still feels like I haven’t touched the tube!!

Olivéne Balm 50g
AUD $24.95
Nature’s Skin Protector. Moisturising Treatment
Treating your skin on a daily basis is a luxurious pampering experience with Botani’s Olivéne Balm. This versatile olive-based moisturising balm, containing Olive Butter, Olive Squalene, and caring Calendula oil, protects and softens dry problem skin and is safe to use anywhere on the body.
Olivéne Balm is a multi-purposed product, acting as a natural skin lubricant and barrier balm, providing a protective and hydrating barrier for your skin, without clogging it.

Non-greasy and petroleum jelly free, It is ideal for the entire family. A universal skin formula that nourishes and softens the skin, whilst allowing it to breathe.

This is a 100% natural and organic product it contains NO Paraffin,  Beeswax, Petroleum jelly or Nut ingredients. This makes it more susceptible to heat damage. Please don’t leave it in your handbag, in the car on days over 30C

It is what it says!!! If I accidently let my hands go and they begin to sting I apply this and it instantly relieves my pain!! I also use this on my lips as it is a great lip balm and stays on your lips for long enough to give them moisture!! I also have used this a couple of times when I’ve left the nappy cream at home. It surprised me when I got home actually, my daughter’s bum was pretty red and yuck when I got home I did notice a difference!
You would think with these products being from olives and olive oil they would be really greasy but they actually don’t leave an oily residue at all!! And its organic so it isn’t hurting your body or the environment!

Phytoseptic 30g
AUD $18.95

Fungal Treatment and Multi-purpose first-aid treatment.
TGA listed product
Phytoseptic is a unique product on the market place, revolutionising the treatment of skin infections, proving that a natural product can be more effective than chemically based products.
As a natural TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) listed Anti-fungal, it has proven itself to be effective in the treatment of the most persistent of fungal infections. It fights the fungal infection and the secondary infection that often follows.
Most commercial anti-fungal products are inhibitory only, because of this, fungal infections keep returning. Phytoseptic is scientifically proven to kill a wide range of infections and get rid of fungal infections, once and for all.
Independent laboratory testing has proven Phytoseptic to be more effective than the leading Anti-fungal pharmaceutical creams. Phytoseptic kills fungal infections such as Tinea and Candida at a 99.9% kill rate.
Phyoseptic is also Anti-bacterial with a proven kill rate of 99.9% of Staphylococcus aureus. Phytoseptic use for Wound Management
This truly remarkable cream is a must for the family First Aid Kit. With antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, Phytoseptic heals and treats everyday skin irritations, soothing and relieving itches and irritations quickly. 

Family friendly product contains NO soy, NO Nut, NO wheat, NO diary ingredients.

I went to the doctors with this one just to make sure it was safe before I used it! My partner had some athletes foot. Only the early stage but enough for him to know it was there. Doctor said it cant hurt it!! And It helped him straight away. Every time is was itchy and sore he would just apply some of this treatment and it worked a treat!! As soon as he got home from work it was shoes off let it dry out and then apply the treatment within 2 days it was gone!!

I also popped some of this on a little nick on my daughter Madison’s finger as it started to get red and infected looking! It was irritating her and it was a struggle even touching it as she would pull away! But When she fell asleep for naps I would pop some on! With in three days the cut had completely healed!
This one is a must for the first aid kits mummy!! I know I will keep mine stocked with this great product from Botani!!