Yoghourt is a completely natural, nutritious food – at least the way Jalna makes it.

Jalna Yoghourt has always been made the traditional 'pot set' way, with all-natural ingredients like fresh dairy milk and ‘friendly’ aBc probiotic cultures (La-5® Lactobacillus acidophilus, BB-12® bifidobacterium, Lc-431® Lactobacillus Casei), plus real fruit puree in our fruit varieties.
Each Jalna Yoghourt is made fresh and set in its own tub. In fact it's a 'little pot of purity'.

Still a Victorian-based family business, all Jalna dairy foods are Australian-made in the traditional 'pot set' way. We start with fresh dairy milk delivered in Jalna’s segregated milk tanker, mainly either from our own BioDynamic Organic farm or from the family farm who has been supplying milk to Jalna for over ten years, so we know the  ‘provenance’ of our key ingredient.

Premium Honey Vanilla, with a hint of Cinnamon Creamy Yoghurt

Size: 1kg
I paid $6.99 for the 1kg from Coles but I know the prices vary

About the Yoghourt: The delicate natural honey and cinnamon flavours add a special quality to Jalna Premium Honey Vanilla Creamy Yoghourt. Serve with a slice of rich chocolate cake or berries in season.

Premium Strawberry Creamy Yoghourt

Size: 500g, 1kg
I paid $6.99 for the 1kg from Coles but I know the prices vary
About the Yoghourt: Made the traditional, pot set way, with real strawberry puree, fresh milk and aBc probiotic cultures, Jalna Premium Strawberry Creamy Yoghourt is delicious on its own or with a wicked dessert. Makes a perfect topping for a lemon tart as an indulgence treat or a finale to a dinner party when you want to impress, or add a generous dollop to your favourite berries.

These yoghurts are really smooth and go down a treat! I bought mine from Coles but Im pretty sure they are a lot of other places!!
The thing I love most about Jalna is its yoghurt isn’t separated and when you open it its all smooth and yummy, no layer of icky water on top! And the flavour!! It bursts in your mouth! And the kids absolutely love it!! My daughter couldn’t say Jalna so even now when she wants it (yes now it lives permanently in my fridge) Hayley simply say La Na and I know what she’s talking about. This is also her favorite snack to take to playgroup!! If your partners are big yoghurt fans then I would try them on this! My partner and I to mix it up for breakfast and even a snack mix some muesli and berries into it! MMM the best to do this with the strawberry one! My friend who has come over from England and claims that their yoghurt is of a much higher quality actually likes Jalna after I recommended it to her along with another brand of yoghurt!! My kids after trying a couple of different yoghurts and never turning there nose up have a new fave daily snack!!